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Twisted My Insides, Not My Heart

The color and design are nice, but beyond that I can't think of anything really positive to say about the Twisted Hearts. The vibrations were too weak, the tip was too broad, and the pointy design made my insides hurt. On top of that, the material will collect every particle of dust in your entire house. I wanted to like this cute vibrator, but it just didn't happen.
Pretty color
Interesting design
Squishy material
Weak vibrations
Points hurt internally
Material gathers lint like crazy
Might be too broad of sti
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Twisted Hearts Seduction is an interesting little vibrator in the sense that personally I had a hard time figuring out the best use for it. It's a wider than what you would normally find in a clitoral stimulator. For internal purposes, it has the odd jagged nubs to it that could potentially make it uncomfortable. Really though, so long as the vibrations work for you and you don't mind the width or somewhat pointy bits, you could use this either way. Don't use it anally though as it does not have a flared base.

Twisted Hearts could be used for solo or partner play. It could be used as part of foreplay though perhaps not during sex due to its larger size.

Material / Texture

Twisted Hearts is made of TPR which puts it at a 7 on the saftey scale. It's a TPR wrapping on a plastic vibrator so you get a hard inside with a squishy outside. The TRP wrap is very much on the squishy side. I actually just sat and smooshed it for a while when I first got it because it was fun to do. It's not squishy in the sense that it has a lot of give because of the plastic core, but more of a thick coat. The numbs, however, are all TPR and are flexible.

The material is insanely draggy. I can barely run my finger across it. If you decide to insert this, I recommend loading up on the lube. If you think you have enough, maybe add a little more just for good measure.

I also noticed that this material attracts everything in a mile radius to it. It was nowhere near my face and somehow got makeup on it. It also managed to get hair, lint, and dust on it within about a five minute span. This is one you'll want to wash both before and after use.

It does smell a bit, but nothing that will knock you back. I had to hold it to my nose to get a smell off of it. The taste, however, is pretty strong. It's a plastic, sour taste. Don't put this in your mouth!

Unless you want to count the drag, there's no added texture. The design itself does add extra stimulation for those that like that though.

Design / Shape / Size

The Twisted Hearts is that odd size that's bigger than a clitoral vibrator but not quite the size of a "traditional" vibrator. It's 5.5 inches in total length, of which 4 are insertable. It's 1.5 inches wide.

It's about the size of my hand, coming right above where my wrist starts. Generally, this is a good size in terms of insertable length for me.

The design is where the issues come in. I was hoping to use this as an external vibrator, but the tip is too wide. It would be good for those that like more broad stimulation, but as someone who needs precision, it was pretty much a fail on that end for me. It ends up vibrating too much space.

The name of this cute little vibrator comes from the fact that each side is half of a heart. Cute idea, but what happens here is that you get two pointy ends on the upper and lower part of the vibrator. Now, granted, these are all TRP and pretty bendable. I'm pretty sensitive though and I found these to be incredibly painful inside of me. I had this in for maybe five seconds before I couldn't stand it anymore.

I don't think all hope is lost for everyone with this. I think it could work for beginners or advanced users granted that they know they like either broad external stimulation or a fair amount of internal texture.

I would say this is fairly discreet because of the more unique design, but still recognizable as a vibrator. I wouldn't leave it out if I didn't want someone to know I had a sex toy.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Operation of the Twisted Hearts is simple, all done with a twist knob at the base of the vibrator. Twist to turn on, twist more to turn up. It has a little white dot in the center which throws me off because it looks like it should be a push button control. It's easy enough to turn when you want to, but not so easy that it was twisting every time I moved my hand when I was using it.

Here's my next issue with Twisted Hearts. The vibrations, or lack thereof. I read some other reviews where people mention that this is a strong vibrator. Maybe I got one in a bad batch or something, but mine is really weak. I would put it at a very low end three vrooms, and that's probably being a little generous. I could probably call this a high end two and still be accurate.

The good thing about the vibrations is that they center at the tip so if you want to use this externally the vibrations will be honed in where you want them. It also doesn't go down and make your hand go numb when you use it. The vibrations don't radiate down all that much. I didn't use this internally long enough to say for sure, but I think this would be a downfall if your primary use of this will be as an internal vibrator.

Due in part to the weak vibrations, this is a very quiet toy. I can barely hear it next to me and it's almost silent through a closed door or under covers.

Twisted Hearts is waterproof and I had no issues with it on this end. It passed a submersion test with flying colors.

It operates on 2 AAA batteries. These are not included. These are inserted at the base at the point where the twist operation is located.

Care and Maintenance

Since it's waterproof, Twisted Hearts is easy to care for. Toy cleaner or soap and water will clean it right up with no worries about messing anything up. The only care issue is the material attracting everything in your home in five seconds flat, but you can just wash it before you use it. Notice I said wash, not rinse. Plain water will not clean this. It seems to have a bit of a stick to it.

Silicone or water based lubes are fine to use with Twisted Hearts.


Twisted Hearts comes in a bright reddish pink box that's see through on the front. It says "Twisted Hearts Seduction" on the front. The side gives a little info about it being waterproof and some other specs in various languages. The back has a little blurb saying that it's made "for women, by women."

Inside the package, Twisted Hearts is placed inside a clear holding box to keep it upright.

The packaging is not discreet, what with being see through and having the name plastered on it. I do use mine to store it, but I wouldn't recommend doing so. It's much larger than the vibrator itself and takes up a lot of space. A little pouch or baggie would be much better.

Personal comments

This is, as of this writing, being offered as a gift with purchase from Eden. Since I got this for free, I really can't complain all that much. If I had actually paid for this, you would have heard some ranting in this space. I have basically no use for this. It's too weak and broad for me externally and hurts me internally. I like the squish of the material, but I hate how draggy it is and the fact that everything in my house sticks to it like it's fly paper. I don't have much positive to say other than that the lavender color is pretty.

If you need mild vibrations and prefer broad stimulation, I could maybe see where this could work. I still think there are likely better things out there (though my experience with broad clitoral stimulators is admittedly not all that great). If you like texture, you might be able to get away with this internally. As a free gift, you might as well pick it up to try it out. If you're faced with the decision to buy or not, I would say maybe look around some first.


I tried this first externally. It was a frustrating experience. I like pinpoint stimulation and this seemed to vibrate my entire vaginal area rather than my clit. I guess some people can cum like that since so many broad stimulators are sold, but not me. Maybe if this packed a more serious punch I could have gotten somewhere with it. Sadly, it was not only broad but also all sorts of weak. I felt the squishy, draggy material more than the vibrations.

When I looked at this, the points looked rather disconcerting. I was considering not trying it at all, but for the sake of the review I decided to. I lubed it up and put it in. The point, no matter how squishy and flexible the material may have been, felt hard and unforgiving when inserted. It was a searing pain to me. So what did I do? I ripped it out of me like it was on fire. If you insert this and find that you don't like it, please don't yank it out quickly like I did. It HURTS! Worse than when I inserted it in the first place. I just wanted it out so bad I wasn't even thinking clearly that pulling quickly would equal more pain.

Needless to say, this really sucked for me. I can't use it for anything. It will collect dust in it's little box forever or until I clean out my toy chest.
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    @lucky2010 - I suppose so but I'd have rather gotten more wipes honestly.
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