Warming is amazing

This wand has a great heating feature and heats up to 118° and has strong vibrations. This is rechargeable and seems it would be travel friendly. This is also great on sore muscles. You can use this for a couple play or solo play.
Strong vibrations
No way to change intensity of vibrations
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First impression

This arrived in the mail in the discreet brown box. When I opened it, this was in a black box with some information on it. Once I opened the black box, this was inside the black see-through storage bag. Inside, it was also wrapped in a clear plastic bag. My first thought is it looked bigger than my other wands I currently have. I pulled it out, and loved the smooth silicone feel. The ABS plastic also felt nice, and it was more for the handle. The two colors flowed together good, and the wand looked extremely nice. I actually thought it was going to feel a bit heavier than it did, but it was actually light feeling. The wand weighs 10oz. I also think it felt like it fit well in my hand, and I have small hands. This wand right now is the biggest I own, but I also know it's smaller than some other wands I've looked up. The head of the wand also had slight flexibility, which is nice. It's not too much, which I'm glad. I don't like when the head of wands is extremely flexible. The buttons also looked like they would be easy to figure out. All in all, I was excited to try it out and couldn't wait to see how the heating feature and vibrations felt.

First Use

So I put this on the USB charger, and it lit up red, so it seemed as it was precharged. So I rinsed it off with soap and water and turned it on. To turn it on, you have to hold down the middle power button for 3 seconds. This will turn the toy on, and a tiny red light will come on. Then the top button is the one that controls the vibrations. You just need to quickly click it to turn them on. If you want the vibrations back off, you can hold it for 3 seconds or hit the power button quickly, which will turn the toy completely off. The heat button is the bottom button. 1 click will turn it on and 1 click will turn it back off. There is also a pinkish button that turns on when the heating feature is on. Make sure when you are completely done when you hit the power button again.

So there are 7 vibrations I went through. They have escalating, pulsating and vibrating. There is no control to the vibration intensity, and it seems that continuous vibration is a strong setting. The pattern that escalates starts on a low and goes to a more intense one. That would be the lowest setting I found. The continuous vibration seems to be slightly stronger than the other 6 vibration patterns, but not by much. I do think the vibration seems a little more rumbly. The heating for this does take about a minute to warm up. Then it feels really great, it was a bit warmer than I had imagined but feels amazing. This is a little noisy, but if you have a fan or TV on, I don't think you'd hear it through a door.

My first use was solo with this. I had turned it back on after going through all of the functions and turned on the heat and gave it a minute to warm up, then I went straight to the continuous vibration. Before diving right in, I had rubbed this up and down my inner thighs to get used to the vibration. (which by the way the heating feature already felt great) After about a minute of getting used to it, I started rubbing this on my clit. At first, it felt pretty intense, and I had to pull it away a couple of times, and I switched to a pulsation setting. I could handle that one extremely well, and I used it for a bit, but before I had reached my orgasm, I switched it back to the continuous vibration and got off. It felt great, I loved the warming and vibrations together and using it the way I did gave me an amazing orgasm.

Front of wand

Back of wand

3 buttons, top is for the vibrations, middle is power, bottom is heating.

Charging port

Further Experience

I had brought this out one night while my husband and I were watching TV and had already turned the heat setting on. I told my husband I wanted to try it on some of his sore muscles on his back with the heating feature and vibrations, so he agreed. I used it for a good 5 minutes, and he had said it felt amazing with the heat. (So this does great for sore muscles) once he stood up, I started gently using it on his body, which he's not really sensitive to vibrations like I am. I even rubbed it on his testicles and his dick. I had to be very light and gentle, but he did like it. After a few minutes of me goofing around with it on him, he took it from me and started rubbing it on my clit. I loved having him use it on me, and this, of course, led to intercourse. We did use the wand for a little bit but ended up switching for a smaller clit toy later due to this being a bit bulky. We did enjoy it, though.

I don't think this toy is waterproof, but I do rinse the bulb under water to clean it. So you can do it that way or use a toy cleaner. The toy is louder than some of my toys, but I think having a TV on and a door closed you wouldn't hear it. Since this is silicone, only use water-based lubricant with it. Silicone is hypo-allergenic and is also non-porous, so it doesn't harbor bacteria. It's phthalates and latex free. The length of this is 10 inches. The circumference is 6 inches with a 2 inch diameter.

On the left is viva la wand and to the right of lyra is grace

Vibration Map

The most vibration is felt in and around the head of the wand. It only seems to have one level of intensity, and I would say it isn't crazy intense, but maybe for some. You can feel just a slight vibration in the handle, but it doesn't make your hands feel tingly when you're done.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I have had some intense orgasms with this. I notice I have to start on a different setting before going to continuous vibration, and I end up with a great orgasm. Also, when my husband uses this on me, I have some amazing ones too.
Follow-up commentary
I still love Lyra. It's an excellent wand and I still love the heating feature it has. The heating has been excellent for sore muscles for my husband and me.
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  • Contributor: CuriousFun
    Great review, as always!

    If this had adjustable intensity, I'd be all over it. I have a rabbit with a heating feature, and I LOVE it.
  • Contributor: frisky069
    Which rabbit is that? My lush Iris also has a heating feature. I really enjoy the heating features also!
  • Contributor: CuriousFun
    The Aurora Warming Massager. My only complaint is that the clit attachment is really weak on that rabbit for some reason (which is weird, since it has its own motor and independent controls, and the shaft motor is plenty strong, but the clit arm just doesn't have a very strong motor, I guess). But the heated shaft is awesome. I like to pre-heat it for a few minutes while I'm getting everything set up, and then by the time I'm ready to take my pants off it's nice and toasty. It's become one of my favourite warm-up toys (literally and figuratively, haha).

    I don't think it gets quite as warm as the Lyra, though. I seem to recall the Aurora saying that it heats up to about 106F, which feels plenty warm to me (if a human being had an internal temp of 106, they'd be at risk of brain damage), and it looks like Lyra gets about 10 degrees warmer.
  • Contributor: frisky069
    Yeah, I like a strong clit arm for rabbits! I just looked it up and it looks like it would be interesting though!

    I also realized with my lush iris, I never gave it time to warm up and the last few times I've turned it on and let it sit for a few minutes it felt way better. I'm not sure how warm it gets though. It's not as warm as lyra.
  • Contributor: CuriousFun
    The clit arm on the Aurora is super flexible, so at the very least, it's easy to move it off to one side and use a separate clit toy if you want more power on your clit. These days I mostly find myself using it as a warm-up for my Sensualist. And the heated shaft is quite powerful, so it makes for an awesome external toy as well.

    (For the record, I didn't pay full price for the Aurora, I got it as part of that awesome 3-for-$60 deal. I probably would have been more disappointed about the clit arm if I'd paid full price, haha.)
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