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Groovies wave

Traditional vibrator by Shaki Toys

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Waving Hello then Good-Bye

The Groovies Wave is a decent choice for a vibrator within this price range. However, this toy is not a good choice if you require a lot of power for your orgasms. This one ends up being pretty weak in vibrations and relatively loud in noise.
Easy to control, Gems are firmly attached, Soft, velvet-like plastic, Interesting shape
Weak/buzzy vibrations, Vibrations hurt my ears, Pretty loud
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The Groovies Wave traditional vibrator is a small, discreet vibrator manufactured by Shaki Toys. The vibrator is about five inches long, and at the widest point, has a diameter of about 3/4 inch. (The inch measurement EF gives is from the base which is not an insertable portion.) The vibrator seems to be made from plastic that has a bit of the "velvet cote" finish. The color that EF's pictures portrays is spot-on although mine looks more dark pink due to the lack of sunlight in here. The "View Actual Product Size" is completely accurate. The plastic is body-safe and phthalate-free. As a sidenote, since EF never changed their webpage "title" attribute, this vibrator used to be called the "Diamond Queen".

The packaging is actually really cute. The vibrator comes in a plastic, blister-pack packaging that showcases the vibrator nicely against a bright blue background. The front side claims that it's waterproof and has eight functions while the backside of the packaging gives the features, the functions, how to use it, and how to care for it. The packaging also claims that this toy is manufactured by Shaki Toys exclusively for EdenFantasys which is neat. The packaging would work fine for storage, but the packaging is actually much larger than the actual sex toy is, so you'd be wasting a lot of space if you stored this with the packaging.

The body of the sex toy is actually pretty nice. The plastic isn't made from velvet cote material, but it seems to have the same properties. It's very smooth, extremely slick, and feels more like a hard silicone than a matte plastic. There are two seams on the toy, but they are barely felt through your fingers and can't be felt during use. The gems seem to be glued on in a bit of an alcove, so the gems are near impossible to remote. (I tried. Broke a fingernail doing it. You guys totally owe me.) The vibrator has a rubber, waterproof seal, but I'm not much for using toys in the water, so I haven't tried out their waterproof claims.

The batteries are really easy to insert. You just unscrew the bottom of the vibrator, and slip the two batteries in, head-first. The compartment includes a piece of cardboard that lines it to keep the batteries from rattling around and shaking in the compartment too much. It does seem to work on reducing noise, but you can take out the cardboard if you want.

The vibrations are controlled by a push-button at the base of the vibrator. I must say that I'm not 100% impressed by the push-button - mostly because it keeps the vibrator from having a flat base. I like to sit my sex toys upright when not in use, and this button keeps it from doing as such. It's a minor complaint though. The push-button cycles through the 8 different vibration patterns offered by this sex toy. Cycling through all of the vibrations will automatically shut the vibrator off. Holding down the button for two seconds will also shut the vibrator off. It does not have a memory function, so it doesn't retain what setting you were on if you use the two-second method to shut it off. The button is a bit annoying to hold down for two seconds, but it's a minor complaint. The button is easy to press and gives you a satisfying "click" noise to let you know it was pressed.

The vibration patterns are pretty basic. Three steady vibration patterns in low, medium, high, a rollercoaster pattern, long pulses, short pulses, the steady vibration in high again (random?), and a mixed pattern that includes a bunch of different patterns all mixed into one. The vibrations seem to be focused on the top of the toy and the middle of the toy. Nicely, the vibrations pretty much avoid the base of the toy, so you won't end up with numb fingers after use. However, the vibrations are pretty buzzy, so you do end up feeling like the vibrations are weaker than they should be. The vibrations get weaker when pressure is applied (which is my definition of buzzy), and I honestly think only some women will be able to orgasm from this. The buzziness just made it more frustrating than pleasurable for me.
Along with the buzziness, the vibrations are relatively loud. They could easily be heard in the same room, and they could possibly be heard through a closed door if someone was attempting to listen in. They really can't be covered up by music all that well. To be honest, the buzzing vibration of this toy actually does hurt my ears. It ends up sounding annoying really quickly.

I don't usually use plastic vibrators for insertion, and the same holds true for this one, so I'll leave others to evaluate that. However, clitorally, the buzzy vibrations are more annoying than pleasurable. If you enjoy using pressure with your sex toys, this one's vibrations actually get weaker when pressure it applied. At best, the vibrator ends up being a teasing sensation. At worst, you get annoyed by the lack of sensation and the annoying buzzing. It's nice and comfortable to hold, and the gems give your hands a nice place to grip even if your hands are lubricated.

This vibrator is easy to clean. You just use warm water and antibacterial soap. You could also sterilize this with bleach. This can easily be covered with a condom to share with others as well. It's compatible with all types of lubricants. For storage, you can keep it in the original packaging, but it honestly doesn't require any type of special storage. It's pretty good wherever you keep it.

The Groovies Wave, while not great, isn't a horrible option either if you know you like weaker vibrations. Some women prefer the weaker, buzzy vibrations, and if so, this toy will work a lot better for you. It isn't a badly made toy; the vibrations just aren't for me. The shape and design are cute, and for a first toy, it isn't a horrible choice with quality in mind. The vibrations do leave a bit to be desired though.
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  • Joie de Cherresse
    Great review!
  • married with children
    good review. but I think I will pass on this one.
  • Stephanie Marie
    Good review!
  • tigerkate
    Great review I am sorry to hear that it is so LOUD yet so weak.
  • Bunnycups
    I like some buzzy vibrations, so this might work for me. However, I don't like the fact that it's so loud. Great review, thanks!
  • Love Buzz
    I wasn't a huge fan of this one
  • P'Gell
    Thanks, Kayla. I didn't find mine as loud as yours was (a quality control thing?) but otherwise it was similar to how I felt about it.

    I have a funny story about attempting insertion with this toy, but I'll save it for my review.

    It's kinda cute, but needs more power.
  • BadassFatass
    I felt the same way about mine.
  • padmeamidala
    Great review. I was curious about this toy.
  • bluekaren
    Awwwe! I was hopeful this toy would be better. Oh well!
  • Bullfroggy and Rose
  • Undecided
    Thanks for sharing
  • ruger7mm420
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