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Ina 2 is a wonderful, luxurious dual stimulation, rabbit style vibrator made of premium materials. With her feminine curves and non-threatening, aesthetically beautiful shape, if she is compatible with your anatomy, she will deliver powerful, deep, thuddy vibrations, both clitorally and vaginally and will thrill users of many tastes with 7 levels and 8 modes of vibration. She makes a perfect introduction to dual stimulator toys or a wonderful addition to a collection.
Powerful vibrations, good pressure from the clitoral arm, great variety of patterns, intuitive, ergo
Anatomy dependent, may be too girthy for some
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Ina is a rabbit style vibrator designed for women. It's intended use is for simultaneous vaginal/g-spot and clitoral stimulation. It's waterproof so you can use it anywhere. There seems to be some debate about whether or not it's submersible but more on that later. In theory, I suppose you could use it for anal penetration. To me, it seems like the clit arm would get in the way, but I've heard that it is possible. In this case, the arm should act as an effective stop to prevent it from going too deep. It's quiet so it should be suitable to noise-sensitive living situations.
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Material / Texture

Like most of Lelo's vibes, Ina 2 is made of body safe, phthalate and latex free, non-porous, hypoallergenic, easy care, medical grade silicone on the insertable portion and non-porous ABS plastic on the handle. Also standard on Lelo vibes is their particular brand of velvety soft silicone, which is very smooth and wonderful to touch. It has very little drag and none with lube. The entire toy is perfectly smooth. Very faint seams are visible on the silicone but can't be felt with fingers or during use. Seams on the plastic are more apparent and can be felt but since this portion of the toy isn't inserted it shouldn't affect use.

There is a very faint ridge that runs up and down the sides of the vaginal shaft and over the tip but this is not noticeable in use.

Like most silicone toys, there is no smell or taste to this toy.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Lelo's new Ina 2 is shaped very similarly to the original Ina. I can't directly compare them since I don't own the original. The vaginal and clitoral shafts form a slightly lopsided horseshoe shape, with the vaginal shaft being longer and thicker.

Lelo and Eden list the the toy's total length as 8", which is accurate according to my measurement, shown here:

Lelo and Eden list the insertable length at 4 1/2 ", also accurate per my measurement:

There is approximately 1' of distance between the tip of the clitoral shaft and the vaginal shaft:

The vaginal shaft is listed by Lelo and Eden as 1 1/2", also accurate from both angles:

The circumference is 4 1/2" according to Lelo and Eden, also accurate:

From the tip of the clitoral shaft to the inside of the U shaped bend where it joins the vaginal shaft measures about 2":

The clitoral shaft is just under 1" in diameter:

The handle of the toy is about 3" long:

The design of this toy renders it pretty obviously a sex toy. There's not much about it that is discreet, except maybe it's black storage pouch (more about this in "packaging"). It's not especially sexual in appearance, and definitely not specifically penis-shaped but most people won't have trouble guessing it's purpose. That said, the design is curvy, feminine and aesthetically pleasing.

At 1 1/2" in diameter this toy might not live up to expectations of size queens but should fall in the slightly large-just right range for most users. It's probably a bit much for virgins but should work just fine for most others. She is very firm, with very little plush or give, so keep that in mind when considering her size. 4 1/2" insertable length will probably reach most users' g-spot but isn't an especially deep-reaching toy.

At 8" in total length, it's not going to be hid in your hand but it's a convenient size for most nightstand drawers.

Like most rabbit/dual stimulator toys, Ina 2 is anatomy dependent. She will fit some users perfectly and others less well or not at all. For me, the clitoral arm is just a tad too long and angled too close to the vaginal shaft but not so severely that it doesn't work. (More about this in the "experience" section.) Overall, the design is very ergonomic and body friendly (again, depending on your specific anatomy) and easy to use.

Her clitoral arm is quite flexible, though it springs back to it's orignal position if pressure on it is released. I imagine that it is possible to over extend and break the clitoral arm so I recommend moving it gently.

Here she is compared to my Lelo Liv

    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Ina 2 has 7 vibration levels and 8 modes which are:
1. Steady Vibration in both motors
2. Steady Vibration in shaft motor
3. Standard Vibration in clitoral attachment
4. Pulsing; alternating between two motors
5. Pulsing; both motors at same time
6. Accelerates; both motors
7. Accelerates, alternates between motors
8. Random (or feels that way) pulses/accelerating between motors, like a rollercoaster but alternating motors with some pulses thrown in. I can't pin down a pattern here.
The modes are all available at each strength level.
I'm partial to the steady vibration in both motors but the patterns are fun for variety.
In the vaginal shaft, the vibrations seem to be centered just below the tip, in the thickest part of the shaft. They seem to be centered, appropriately, in the tip of the clitoral shaft. That said, the entire length of both shafts vibrates. So much so that on higher levels, with one motor off, you will still feel vibrations traveling down that shaft from the other motor. This is more apparent if the clitoral motor is off but the vaginal motor is running. You will feel some vibration travelling down the handle, but not enough to make my hand tingly or numb. The vibrations in both motors are deep and thuddy. The clitoral shaft seems slightly buzzier when the vaginal motor is off, but with both motors running, the vaginal motor's vibrations travel into the clitoral shaft increasing the depth of the clitoral vibrations. The vibrations in the two shafts are very in synch and do not oppose one other at all.
This toy is at least as strong as JeJoue's MiMi, if not slightly stronger and significantly stronger than my Lelo Liv. I'd like to give it 4.5 vrooms. It's only slightly louder than MiMi but not significantly, so I'm rating it still at 2 bees. Under covers or behind a closed door, this toy will not be heard.
I was happy to discover that, unlike my Lelo Liv, pressure on either shaft of the toy will not cause the vibrations to recede or back off.
Most of Lelo's larger vibes are based off of some 4 button configuration. The Liv had a circular button configuration that reminded me of an iPod or some similar mp3 player. Ina 2, like the original Ina and some of Lelo's others, has 4 small, round button placed in a diamond configuration:

facing the toy the + button on YOUR right, the toy's left, turns the toy on and increases the strength. On your left, the toy's right is the - button which turns the strength down and eventually off. Pressing and holding the + button will turn it on and quickly increase the strength to the highest level. When turning on the toy, pressing and holding the button for even a second may cause you to skip by the first level or two. Pressing and holding the - button will quickly decrease the strength to off. This is very handy if you're caught and need to turn it off quickly. At the top of the button configuration is an UP arrow which cycles through the modes. At the bottom is the DOWN arrow which cycles back down through the modes. A note about these buttons: If the toy is in mode 1 (steady vibration in both motors), pressing the DOWN arrow will not do anything. Likewise, if the toy is in mode 8 (random), pressing the UP arrow will not take you back to the beginning of the modes, you must press the down arrow to go back. (I'll comment on my opinions of the controls in the "experience" section.)
It's possible to lock this toy so it doesn't get turned on by accident either in storage or while travelling. The toy is locked by pressing the + and - button at the same time until the lights in the buttons flash. It is unlocked in the same manner.
The toy is rechargeable. She comes with a charging cable which plugs into the port at the bottom of the handle. There is a little silicone plug which you pop out and shift to the side (it's still attached) to plug the charger in. She charges through standard electrical outlet and cannot be used while charging. Her control pad buttons flash when charging and stops flashing when she is done. After the initial charge, I have used her 3 times without running down the battery so I can't comment on total battery life, but I hope to have more info on this by the time I write a follow up.
There is a lot of debate about whether Ina is actually waterproof. She is marketed as such and her box suggests in 2 places that she is:

However, she comes with this little do/don't do instruction sheet:

As you can see, it's suggested that you not run water over the handle of the toy and says not to submerge the toy.
However, the instruction booklet seems to be meant to be included with all of Lelo's toys and says "Always check if your LELO is splash-proof or fully waterproof. If it is waterproof, this will be clearly stated on the packaging." Since the do/don't do sheet pictures a toy more closely resembling the Lelo Elise or Liv, I'm guessing that sheet is also meant to be included with every toy. This incarnation of Ina is part of a newly released second generation of toys, the predecessors of which were not waterproof, or even truly splash-proof, so it's possible that this sheet is simply a hold over and hasn't been updated to say "unless your toy is waterproof". The charging port and silicone plug look nearly identical to my Lelo Liv:

This being the case, I'm not in a hurry to put Ina 2 fully underwater but I'm not terribly careful when cleaning her and have used her in the shower without incident.
Incidentally, the charging cord to the Liv and the charging cord to the Ina 2 seem to feature the same charging attachment:

However, because I'm unsure of the voltage and other features, I'm careful not to mix the two up since incompatibility may still occur and damage the battery. It's important to always use the charger that came with your toy and get an appropriate replacement directly from Lelo if the cord is ever damaged or something. Using another charger may damage your toy.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

As mentioned in the "material" section of this review, Ina 2 is made of silicone and ABS plastic. The buttons seem to be made of silicone as well and seem fully sealed. I cannot get my fingernail between the button and the plastic. I clean this toy with warm water and System JO toy cleaner. Based on the advertising that this toy is waterproof, I have run water over the entire toy with no incident. I am careful to make sure that the plug is fully seated before cleaning it. Silicone lubes should not be used with silicone toys. Oil and water-based lubes are both compatible and will also be safe if they get on the plastic. Silicone should not damage other silicone toys. It should also be safe with glass, metal and appropriately sealed wood. Jelly and other materials may cause problems. I keep all of my toys in separate pouches, bags or boxes just to be safe. The toy comes with a satin drawstring storage pouch and a box, both suitable for storage. (More about this in packaging.) The velvety silicone on this toy doesn't attract lint and dust, etc. quite as badly as many others.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Lelo's packaging is always beautiful and they do not disappoint with the Ina 2. Ina 2 arrives in typical Lelo fashion, in a colored, lightweight colored box, the color of your Ina:

This box features a solid color front and a picture of your Ina on the back:

along with some limited information about the toy and it's features.
Inside this sleeve is a sturdy black cardboard box:

embossed with the Lelo name on the lid. The outer sleeve box may be a bit obvious, but if discretion is a concern, this can easily be remedied by removing the outer box before, say, giving it as a gift.
Inside the box, Ina is nestled in a soft black form that has a texture and look similar to velvet:

At the end, towards the bottom of the toy is a cardboard flap which can be lifted to reveal the compartment for the charger.

The included satin storage pouch, the instruction manual, authenticity warranty card, and do/don't do sheet mentioned above, and a sample packet of Lelo's personal moisturizer (lube) are in the area beneath the form that holds the toy. Unlike Lelo's previous packaging which featured a raised plastic form which could be lifted out, Ina 2's "velvet" form cannot be removed. It is firmly attached to the box. To access the items beneath the form, there is a hole underneath Ina:

through which you can push the items into the charger compartment with a finger, or tilt the box and they will fall into the charger compartment.

The inner box is very suitable for gifting and, if space permits, is perfect for storage.

The storage pouch is definitely an upgrade compared to the ones that came with my Lelo Liv and Mia. Those pouches were made of flimsy white satin that was fairly sheer. The Ina 2 pouch is made of much thicker black satin that is completely opaque. It's difficult to show the difference in the material in photos, but Ina 2's is much nicer than Liv and Mia's. Ina 2's pouch also has a sturdy satin cord as a drawstring where Liv and Mia's has ribbon.

The booklet has 5 pages of information in English including warranty and guarantee info, basic instruction, cleaning, storage and safety info and disposal information. It also features this same info in 11 other languages.

All Lelo toys come with a 1 year warranty and a 10 year guarantee. The 1 year warranty covers defects that are found or occur within the first year. The 10 year guarantee offers the owner a 50% discount on any new Lelo toy if their toy malfunctions or has a defect after the 1 year warranty expires. The toy must be registered with Lelo using the Authenticity Card in order for the warranty or guarantee to be honored.

    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift


I've always loved Lelo toys. I have a Liv and Mia and enjoy them both. They don't hold a candle to my new Ina 2. Ina 2 reliably gives me fast, easy, powerful, handsfree orgasms. My masturbation routine has become a LOT easier and faster. As a first experience with dual stimulators, I couldn't have asked for better.
The clitoral arm presses on my clit just a tiny bit too firmly and, at the same time, is just a bit too long. It hits the shaft of my clitoris instead of the tip. If it was maybe 1/8-1/4" shorter it would hit the tip of my clit more effectively. The shape isn't perfect for my body, but it works. If I tilt the toy down, I get more of the clitoral arm on the tip of my clit and, as a bonus, firmer pressure on my g-spot. I can also get better pressure on my clit by simply sliding the toy out just a bit.
The girth of the toy is perfect once inserted, but it's a bit snug during insertion. After an orgasm, my muscles are too tense to comfortably remove the toy immediately, which can be slightly frustrating since I'm not always quite cognizant or dexterous enough to turn the vibrations off and there is no way to really stop the vibrations on my very sensitive clit other than turning it off and removing it. But this slight frustration is mitigated by the extremely powerful orgasms. If it was a bit less girthy, I could remove it more easily afterwards, but it wouldn't hit my g-spot quite as well.
Historically, I've never been able to successfully use an internal vibrator with a clitoral vibrator because the vibrations always seemed slightly at odds with one another which was distracting, but this toy, because both motors are vibrating on the same frequency, seems to work perfectly.
The controls are ergonomic and user friendly, however, personally, I find the round mp3 player style controls of the Liv a bit more intuitive but Ina's are by no means unsatisfactory. I wish the buttons were a little closer together, but this is a very nit-picky detail.
Overall, I'm thrilled with this toy! My girlfriend is a little worried it might replace her (she shouldn't worry) but Ina 2 may prove to replace MiMi as my favorite solo masturbation vibe.
Follow-up commentary
While I still love this toy, I don't find myself reaching for it often. As I mentioned in my original review, the girth makes insertion and removal tricky which is just a bit too much work sometimes and the need for lube is just cumbersome when all I want is a quick solo session. The clitoral arm is effective but still just a bit too long to be totally comfortable and it can be a bit pinchy. I love Ina but MiMi is still my favorite.
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