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Who needs a flashlight?

The Solar Bullet may just be the perfect standby toy. No battery worries, it runs on either solar or electric light and remains charged for a long while. Meaning you don't need light right now for it to run; any exposure to light will keep it charged up. Perfect for travel and it even has a little flashlight in case you lose your anal plug under the bed...
Small, fits easily between bodies, no batteries required, fairly strong
Flashlight in the tip is a little weird, vibrations are buzzy
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extremely useful review
I am not much of a bullet gal, though I do have a few that I like and keep on standby, since they are very convenient to use during partner sex or along with a penetrative sex toy. I decided I simply had to have the Solar Bullet because often when you have standby toys, when you do finally pull them out, the damned batteries are dead.

With this one? No such worries!

The Solar Bullet, as one would assume from the name, is solar powered. Like a solar calculator, only it has a much larger solar panel that covers nearly the entire front of the control box.

What this means is there is no need to buy batteries, no need to charge batteries and you can use this any time, anywhere. It's great for travel, whether you're going across country or to a campground up north. No worries about non compatible outlets in other countries or having no outlet at all if you're roughing it. No worries about packing batteries or having to pick up more.

And? It also doubles as a mini flashlight - but I'll get to that later.

The Solar Bullet is similar to most standard, corded bullets. You have a control box, a wire with a jack on the end that plugs into the control box and the bullet itself, attached to the wire.

The control box is palm sized; around 2 inches wide by 3 inches long and about as thick as a calculator or iPod. In fact, it kind of looks like it might be an mp3 player of sorts, making it very discreet to tuck into a purse, pocket or laptop bag.

The front of the plastic control box is taken up mostly by a solar panel thingy. It looks like an mp3 player screen only it has horizontal lines running across it. This picks up light - either solar or indoor - and powers the vibrator. (I'm assuming there is some sort of rechargeable battery inside that is charged by this light.)

Along the bottom of the controller is a slider that turns the vibrator on and controls vibrations. Very simple to use and easy to reach. Simply slide the slider to the right and you turn the toy on, sliding it further increases the intensity of the vibes.

On the side of the controller is a hole where the bullet plugs in. Simply insert the jacked cord into the hole and you're good to go. When not in use, unplug so that if the power slider is bumped you don't have anything vibrating in your purse, drawer or storage box. (Once it's unplugged, though you are turning it on, nothing is vibrating. The controller doesn't vibrate at all.)

The back of the controller is plain black plastic with California Exotics embossed upon it.

The bullet is a mini bullet - meaning it measures around two inches long and is about a half inch in circumference. Perfect for tucking between two bodies and it also fits into the hole in many dildos that come with push button mini vibes.

I got the matte black bullet rather than the silver and it is a velvety coated plastic with a bit of drag to it. I prefer this to the slick, silver plastic as it feels a bit more like skin on skin and gives a bit of tug in use. Water based or silicone based lubricants both work well with this but, since it's not an insertable bullet, you may find you don't need any lube at all.

Vibrations are moderate to strong and high pitched, like most mini bullets. The slider control doesn't allow you to adjust them minutely but you will find a basic low, medium and high setting.

The cord is relatively short - around two feet long, I'd guess? (I don't have a measuring tape handy) - but you have plenty of room to hold the controller in one hand and still reach clit, nipples, testicles, whatever you're trying to stimulate with the bullet.

The very odd thing about the Solar Bullet is that, in the tip of the bullet, there is a small LED light. When you turn the bullet on this light... well... lights up. This is not a standard, inset blinking light to let you know a toy is on, though. This thing is... raised. It's a mini flashlight. It's bright. I can, literally, find my way in the dark using it or use it to look under the refrigerator for cat toys. If I don't mind the bullet vibrating in my hand while I do, that is.

**continued below - I ran out of room!**
It's the weirdest thing. Seriously. Weird. But handy!

It does feel a bit strange to rub your clit with an LED light, though. I've found I tend to use the side of the bullet more than the tip because I don't like such a little pin point but those who do may love it.

I've also find if I look down to watch what I'm doing I can blind myself for a bit. Aim carefully or you'll be seeing spots instead of stars!

All in all, this is a cool little toy and something very handy to have around. No battery worries means you really can use it just about anywhere, any time and that alone is worth the price.

Clean up with a damp, soapy cloth or a toy wipe, being careful to clean in the small seam around the bullet and to not get the remote soaked. It is not waterproof.

Noise level is about that of most bullets - you won't likely hear it thru a closed door but, if you can, a bit of background noise will drown it out.

This is definitely going on my next camping trip with me. Definitely.
Follow-up commentary
The solar bullet may not be the strongest bullet ever made and it may not have all the bells and whistles of some other bullets out there, but I have found myself recommending it far more than I ever expected to.

It's slightly on the buzzy side, as most mini bullets are, but the the cord is ample and the fact that it is always ready, never needing one to fumble around for batteries at the last minute, truly makes this little guy a go to type of toy.

Definitely something any who likes moderate to strong, higher pitched, pin point vibrations will appreciate -- either alone or with a partner!
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