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Won't fly too far on this butterfly

I was completely disappointed by this toy. I was ready for the disadvantages connected with jelly material, but I completely wasn't ready for others, such as the inconvenient speed dial or not enough vibration on the tinglers. If you prefer mild vibration, the reasonating butterfly toy may work for you, but I reach my orgasms much better without using this toy.
Nice look
Is made of jelly
Not enough stimulation
Inconvenient speed dial
Instructions are from other toy
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The resonating butterfly is a vibrating clitoral pump. It has over 40 reasonating tinglers that stimulate your clit while the toy vibrates. It also has a finger pump which creates a suction effect.


You place the butterfly over your clit, suck the air with the finger pump and turn the vibration on. The toy starts vibrating and the tinglers start reasonating.

You can use it either during solo-play or with your partner as a foreplay or for additional clitoral stimulation. But I think it is better to use when you are by yourself, because your partner may be distracted by the toy. What I mean is that he (or she) may need some instructions before using the toy and also he (or she) may be concerned about holding it in the right place.

This toy is not waterproof or splashproof, so you can't use it in the bathtub or shower, and you should be careful while washing it.

As it is stated on the box "this product is intended for a use as a novelty product only. Any product use for medical purpose or for a use that has an adverse effect on any function of the body is prohibited".
    • Clitoris

Material / Texture

The resonating butterfly is made of jelly and the pump is made of plastic. Jelly has its features, so you need to keep them in mind. It is nice to touch - soft and smooth, but a little sticky. It was easy for me to hold and it felt good on my clit. I didn't even need to use any lube, but that is my preference. By the way, you can use only water-based lubes with jelly toys.

The bad part about jelly is that it has a specific scent. It is hard to describe, but it is something close to a rubber scent. I couldn't really smell it most of the time, so I didn't have a problem with it. But still the scent is quite strong, so if you are sensitive to odors, you'd better stay away from this toy.
    • Flexible
    • Not porous at all
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

The resonating butterfly comes in one pink color. The pump and butterfly are both pink with a white tube that connects the two. The pink is a nice color, but almost looks more fuchsia if you ask me. I like the color and the design. I thought that the toy would be bigger, but it is quite small and it looks cute. The suction cup is about 3 inches long with the circumference about 6 inches and the whole butterfly from the top side is about 4 inches. The pump is about 3 inches and the tube is about 19.

The toy is made in a shape of butterfly. It has wings and antennae. On the butterfly's belly there is a suction cup with tinglers. It is said on the box that this toy is "contoured for a woman's body". I don't see it. It has an oval shape and that's it? If it is specially desined for a woman's body then how come it doesn't stay in place while the air is sucked? Moreover, mine was a little deformed during transportation and tentacles are crumpled on the top.

Below you can see pictures of the resonating butterfly from the top and bottom sides. On the first picture you can see the speed dial and maybe you will even notice the bullet. On the second picture you can see the resonating tinglers.


Functions / Performance / Controls

Functions include suction and vibration. The resonating butterfly is powered by 3 watch batteries. There are 6 batteries included. In order to insert the battaries you need to open the speed dial knob.


The location of the speed dial is quite convenient. It is located in the butterfly's rear part, so you can use it while the toy is on your clit. But the speed dial itself appeared to be very inconvenient for me. It is made as a knob that you need to turn in order to turn the toy on and to change the intensity of vibration, and to turn it off. It works very strange. Sometimes I turn the knob, but the vibration won't stop. And sometimes the toy starts vibtationg when the batteries are in, but the knob is still opened.

The suction pump is convenient to use. The tube is 19 inches long, which is enough for holding it in your hand freely. You can use it with just one hand, pushing with one or two fingers. Also there is a special button at the foundation of the pump with the help of which you can release the air immediately, but I never really had a chance to use this button, because the cup doesn't stay in place for some reason.

The vibrations are quite strong. The bullet is located in the back of the butterfly, so vibration there is the strongest. But the tinglers do not vibrate - they just resonate, and the resonation is not very intensive, so you can't feel the vibrations as well because of the material.

The toy is quite noisy. If your walls are thin, it can be heard in another room even when the door is closed. Especially if it is quiet like at night.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is not very easy to maintain, because it is made of jelly. This material is porous and has a safety rank of only 2, so it is not the safest and healthiest choice you can make.

Also jelly toys can't be sterilized in boiling water and you cannot wash it in the dishwasher. For this reason these toys can't be shared unless you use condom. I guess you can't put a condom on the resonating butterfly - at least not that I can imagine - so this toy is for individual use only.

Jelly toys should be cleaned with warm water and toy cleaner. You also shouldn't use strong soap on them. I used System JO anti-bacterial toy cleaner to wash my resonating butterfly. The tentacles don't make the work easier, but they are flexible enough to let you clean the toy everywhere.

The toy is not waterproof, so you need to be careful while washing it. You should not get the battery end wet, so you can't immerse this toy in water.

I store my butterfly right in the box in which it came from. You should note that jelly toys should be stored in a cool dark place.
    • Difficult to store
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance


Resonating butterfly comes in a box, which has a picture of a sexy woman and the toy on it, so the package is definitely not discreet. There are also some descriptions and directions.


Inside of the box there is a plastic bag that contains the toy itself. Inside of the same bag there is another little bag with the batteries and instructions. There are six batteries and you need three at once to use the toy. Here goes the funny part. I opened the instructions and was very surprised, because that was instructions for some vaginal vibrator.

It is said: "... Insert the vibrator into the vagina or anus as smooth as is necessary not to cause any discomfort to you or your partner..." Try to imagine.

Also it is said "... Clean your vibrator carefully with alcohol or preferred cleanser after every use and store in a cool and dry place..." While it is true that you should clean it after every use and store in a cool and dry place, as far as I know jelly shouldn't be cleaned with alcohol.

So these instructions are not worth trusting. Be careful with that. I guess it's not right that "...The supplier bears no responsibility for the product should the product be mistreated..." The good part is that there is a picture for different types of batteries and I found out how to insert mine properly, because it was the first time I used this type of batteries.
    • Not discreet


Resonating butterfly became my first clitoral vibrator and the first toy in which I was completely disappointed. I knew that it was made of jelly before I ordered it, so I was ready for all kinds of disadvantages connected with this material. What I wasn't ready for is that this toy didn't provide me with tolerable stimulation.

I ordered this toy because I liked the tinglers. I wanted something more interesting than just a flat clitoral vibrator. The bullet is located in the back of the butterfly and vibrations are strong there, but the part that touches the clit is not the back, but the tinglers do and they do not vibrate, but just resonate. That resonation is completely not enough for me. I reach my orgasm much faster without this toy and it is much better without it. I tried using it with suction and without it, but either way the resonation was not enough. The best way of using it I found is rubbing my clit with it gently without suction. But still it is not what I wanted. If you prefer mild vibration it can work out for you, but for me it didn't.
Follow-up commentary
I gave the resonating butterfly a couple more chances but it killed all my hopes, so I finally just threw it away.
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