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Break-Up Tips (Alternate Title: "Fun with Arson")

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Contributor: Wookiesgirl

All very valid points Jenny! You've done it again.. You are a genius women... break up with the pharmacist?.. I never thought of that.. BRILLIANT!!

Honestly.. Much love because you never fail to get me laughing. Thank you

Contributor: Katya

Jenny: You never cease to amaze me and crack me up. I'm totally breaking up with random shopkeepers from now on! You never know what deals I might get!!!

Besides, afterwards I have the excuse to go burn his name (fake or not) into his lawn! Woo hoo!

Contributor: owelle

Oh Jenny, this made me so happy. I'm going through a break up at the moment with one of my best friends (we were friends first and still see each other every day) and it's bloody awful (for me. he's fine. boys suck like that sometimes). I needed to smile over this. It makes me FURIOUSLY HAPPY.
Love your words, even if I don't comment often.

Contributor: iwantyouwantingme

Hmm I have to say I am more of a snake lady... What if I get 42 snakes? and then I could be preoccupied with making sure they dont all get out of their cages And my company owners son is kinda hot, I think I would pick him instead.

Contributor: Teacookie

rofl. thank you



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