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Bubbling: It’s Not What You Think It Is

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as a mormon lite, suddenly the mormon proclivity towards scrapbooking makes a helluva lot of sense!
growing up would have been so much more fun had i known of this sooner....


Wow, that sure is creative...


I'm from Utah and a recovering Mormon. I haven't heard about the bubbling before. But, if you think that is fucked up...have you heard about "Floating" that those crazy ass Mormons do? Whoa! Now that is some fucked up shit right there. See Urban Dictionary definition #2 for floating. Apparently, they can do this prior to marriage and maintain virginity. Um, yeah.


That pose with the birthday cake and chicken is super hawt!


That first picture of you didn't cover everything. We can still see your pussy.

Holly B  

Mormons cant look at porn? This explains SO MUCH about Glen Beck .

A Vapid Blonde  

Jesus, were they zombie dogs? Because that would make some kind of sense at least. Also the first pick is totally a bubble.

Dave B  

Is there a religion that requires women to wear towels on their heads, with cats sitting on top showing their butts? My "World Religions" class in college didn't get around to that one...


I think you should put numbers on the colored bubbles. That way the kids could learn about their colors and numbers, making it an educational tool, and the dads could get their "naughty" fix without the kids suspecting anything. Then, it could be a family thing, which would probably make it more acceptable for the Mormons. The mothers would probably just be checking out your hair and make-up for tips on how-to. A little "sumpin' sumpin' " for everyone!

Absence of Alternatives  

This is awesome! This is like the visual equivalent of BLEEPing innocent things to make them sound naughty.


Lol it's so funny and so wrong at the same time.

Love the chicken on the shoulder. Was that shopped in, too?

Patrick D.  

You're doing it all wrong and yes, the mind fills in the blanks (when done properly) quite nicely.


Wow. That's just crazy. Bubbling and floating. Why not just switch religions?



My husband was raised mormon but has gotten through that whole "phase". He loves porn as much as the next guy. As much as I love you, I really dont get off on you covered in bubbles. Dont get me wrong, you are a babe and such.....but bubbles.....hmmmm....


OMFG..the CAT on your toweled head! I love that. That distracted me more than the stickers I think.


i am a former mormon and now this moronic trend makes sense. that 's what no sex and masturbation does to you


Great Bubbling work, it looks EXACTLY the same to me.


Your awesome! Great bubbling work. Also when you are desperate your desperate lol poor mormons.


I could never be a morman if that means no more porn! lol



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