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Some Things Just Shouldn’t be Tattooed

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Just when I think I've seen everything. I see my share of tattoos as a massage therapist. My favorite was the mouth creatively designed to spell "nasty" with a tongue going into his butt crack. Certainly accurate.


#11 is pretty funny


11 cracked me up! Oh man and how about 8.. yeesh!


#7 is just bad bad.


Amazingly horrendous.


#2 is the funniest imo


I believe #10 is a narwhal, not a dolphin.

But, hilarious on all accounts.


Oh dear Goddess number 5's "prayer" had me cracking up.


I loooooove number 11. Let's hope the man is well hung.


O my god that was so funny.


Exhibits 1-12 of why NOT to get a tattoo when drunk.

A girl  

Hysterical!!! #11 is the certainly the winner.


Staring. classic. I wonder how many people have mentioned to her that he chest says starring. WOW. at least use spell check before you permanantly tattoo something like that on your body. Good grief.


those photos made me laugh and cringe at the same time trying to figure out what they were thinking when getting inked



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