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The Ten Strangest Things

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Jennifer Phillips  

cleavage caddy? So not everyone stores cash/cell phones in their bra?


I store everything in my bra already but I am actually thinking about buying one of those so my cellphone maybe won't get as sweaty when I dance the night away. "Eeew" I know


Thanks for ruining another childhood memory. I'll never look at legos the same way again.

Becky Rupnow  

Is that Lindsay Lohan in the "unfortunate fashion statement?" Sure looks like her. And I thought jail was the lowest she would sink......

not me  

This is why your google analytics keeps coming up with weird search criteria for you. Of course I think you should be proud of those things, but I'm just saying.


My husband has Obama's signature from the health reform bill as his wallpaper on his computer. I used to think he was just super into social reform. Now I think it might be more of an affection for social porn.


My favorite part of the old timey sex menu is the kitty playing fiddle at the bottom of the page.


I know this an old post, but I felt I had to comment. First of all, the phrase on the cleavage caddy picture " your own bra" sounds, to me, like there is too much emphasis on the fact that you are supposed stick it in your bra and not someone else's. Like, not a heavy emphasis, sort of more like a friendly "it's an easy mistake anyone could make" kind of way. Maybe it's a Japanese thing. They have different ideas of personal space there.

Second, the booby carry-all reminds me of this lady who ran a lot of stuff at this church I went to when I was little. She used pull money out of her bra every time money required. Like, church function money (she was the one that collected it, for safe keeping between her boobs). Also, it was so much money- plastic bags full of coins and wads of cash. I also remember her storing a bag of all the collection money that all the church kids (40+ of them) raised doing stuff like the MS Read-a-thon and the 40-hour famine.



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