Humor » Satire, Jerking off, Porn: "The Top 10 Strangest Things People Sent Me This Month"
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The Top 10 Strangest Things People Sent Me This Month

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Contributor: Rayne Millaray

Er... All the aliens are pregnant. So not only is it UFO porn, but it's *pregnant* UFO porn.

You get all the good links. ~pout~

Contributor: Gratuitous

I know you don't want to think about the money shot, but have a little anyway:

Many years ago I had the pleasure - no, honor - of seeing what must have been the very first 3D porno in a little theater in Georgetown, D.C. Now, this wasn't the midday trench-coat clientèle; it was a midnight movie and attended by college kids. I don't remember the title, but for obvious reasons it starred John Holmes and Linda Lovelace, so it might have been Deep Throat.

It attracted a cult following, and similar to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, there was, um, some interactivity. A few clever kids had the idea of squirting hand lotion over their shoulders in time with a... key scene.

Contributor: Kernut

Oh no. I didn't need to see the squid video. I should send you the brothel menus I have. I thought I was knowledgeable about sex, but I learned several new things from them. And then I thought I was knowledgeable again... until you showed me the squid porn.

Contributor: Dani Nordin
Dani Nordin  

There is so much awesomeness coming from this post I can hardly stand it. The Jackson kid, oh my lord!

Contributor: Mary Clevenger
Mary Clevenger  

"9. No. Just…no. "

Tentacle Porn, You're Doing It Wrong.

Contributor: butterflygirlxo




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