Humor » Satire, Dick jokes, Myths: "Top 10 Strangest Things People Have Sent Me For November"

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Top 10 Strangest Things People Have Sent Me For November

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Every month, well-meaning strangers send me a myriad of bizarre links because they want to scare me into never having sex again. Or possibly because they know that I write a sex column and they know that I’m always looking for new material. Either way? I salute them.


Contributor: hjtee

The link for chocolate penis, takes me right back to weirdest boner...which I do not want to see again. I'll be having nightmares tonight.

Contributor: Di.Laffing

Not one of those 51 words for vagina was less than perverted and disgusting. I think my face has frozen this way. Go help any woman who comes in penis reach of that guy. Hmmm... why aren't there 51 words for penis? Isn't saying that just as "potty mouthed", since that's where he goes potty from?

Contributor: amandajo

link for the chocolate penis is not going to a chocolate penis, which it needs to because i kind of want a chocolate penis...

Contributor: deirdrebeth

Please tell me you know what book the image for "Witches broomsticks were actually dildoes" comes from...because I think I have to know!!!

Contributor: mingemaster

I can't get to see the weirdest boner, which saddens me, because my own boner is irritatingly normal. also, I wanted to see the chocolate penis, but it took me to the boner site...rather mocking i thought. As if to sat HA! if you want to see a penis besides yours, you have to watch porn, and then questions will be asked, like "damn, how can he fit 2 fists and his right leg in her?" or "Is it wrong for me to be turned on by an octogenarian nun that is into dvda and bukake?".....

Contributor: JCfromNC

@Di.Laffing -- It might help to know that is a parody site, which pretty much proves Poe's Law with every post they make. So yes, they go over-the-top with the whole "sex (and women's bodies) are dirty, dirty things that Man is forced to sully himself with in order to make more God-fearing children" shtick.

Contributor: Lorelai Perrin
Lorelai Perrin  

HaHa!! I liked Satan's Fun Slide. Sounds like a ride at a water park.

Contributor: Stefanie Beeman Barr
Stefanie Beeman Barr  

PUFF PILLOW!!!!! I knew I heard that somewhere before, and then it hit me...My Grandma used to call it that! Sure wish she was alive so I could ask her where the he!! she heard that...

Contributor: kuranta

Oh Jenny. You never fail to both horrify and amuse me.

Contributor: Loreen72

All the links above point right back to this article.... did I miss something?

Contributor: HelenC

#9...O.M.G. !!!! lol

Contributor: Angel Baby

Unicorn butt plug!! Because every girl wants a horse mane hanging out of her ass..Sexy sexy..I guess that would have two uses if your boyfriend is into beastiality ....That would just turn him the heck on..Honey can I stroke your horse mane?



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