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The World’s Most Terrifying Penises

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I’ve been doing quite a bit of animal-biology posts lately, which is a pleasant change for me, because animals are way more gross and fascinating than people. Unless you count two-girls/one-cup, which I don’t because I’m pretending it never existed.


Mandi Miskell  

First, I would like to say that I wasn't high when I watched that. Or had the sound on. But what really bothered me was that they are hanging from a tree. In the dark. I've done my share of walking into spider webs in the dark, but if I walked into, and got a face full of this, I'm not sure I could ever recover. :/ LOL!


I'm from British Columbia and I was so disturbed by that video that I don't think I'm ever going into the woods ever, ever again.

Sari Everna  

I'm so glad you found Worlds Most Terrifying Penises! If you haven't yet, do head over to this guy's blog, as the series starts there and he has a sense of humour that I think you'll appreciate. He's also got a collection of inaccurately translated hentai (which is to say, not actual translations at all) that's a lot of fun. I haven't got anything from him through his RSS feed lately, but I suspect it must be because it's borked and I'm too far behind in all my RSS feeds to bother confirming my suspicions at this point. It's going on my to-do list after "replace dead laptop".


I wish I could say that I didn't sit here and watch the whole thing, but alas... You had me at "Big slimy dick heads."


"Beautiful" AND "really, really fucked up." Yup. That's the way I like it. (but maybe with a tad less slime)


I do alot of hiking.. and now I will make sure that I look not only for spiderwebs.. but for sperm webs.. ack! i just grossed myself out!

Lynda Belle  

LOL you should read - Anatomy of Love by Helen E. Fisher


SO GROSS!!! It may turn me off sex!!!!



Becca Lynne  

You know, I know I shouldn't click on links that are posted on the internet after 10pm. This one really got me in my funny place though. And not THAT funny place. You know, the one that isn't shaped like a church bell that lives on the streets...


what do I really say about that video?


At first I was like... eeew. Then I was... this is fascinating! Then I was... eeew again. Then... this is kinda beautiful. But then it was just... eeew again.


Gross and weirdy fascinationg


So How great would it be to be the person who has the job of following around random creatures and filming their reproduction methods. I was totally engrossed by this, well until the one slug fell lifelessly to the ground, that was oddly traumatizing. I have always wondered about the way animals pick their mates, like in the case of the slug... does one slug just pass the other and think, mmm you are looking mighty slimey today!


So gross yet I couldn't look away..


Uh, okay, while it was freaking terribly gross...
Don't YOU WISH you and your man were both pregnant instead of just you?
I think these slugs got it right... though I thoroughly believe I would not like sex nearly as much it if was done like that...


I am now traumatized for life....


That is so gross!!!!



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