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The Naked Reader Book Club Twitterotica Contest!

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One week, 140 characters...and your imagination. Presenting our weekly winner, runner-up and the outstanding entries for last week’s topic: "You taste like..."

  Enter The Naked Reader Twitterotica Contest!

Give us your best, most erotic, titillating tweet on our selected theme. Two winners will be chosen each week. Entries are judged by the SexIs editors and the editorial team at Cleis Press. The runner up receives an autographed book from Cleis Press. The first place winner will receive an autographed copy of a selected Cleis Press book and a $25 gift certificate from EdenFantasys. Entries are accepted until Thursday, 11:59 p.m. of each contest week.

Submit your entries to Twitter, using the hashtag #Twitterotica, or put them up on the wall of our Sexis Facebook page. Multiple submissions are allowed, but all entries must be 140 characters or less.

Up for consideration this week: "The flavor of a man is like..." Whether it's eat or be eaten, we all have a unique chemistry. This week, we'll sample the guys... but don't worry, women will be on the menu next week.

(Submissions for: "You taste like..." have closed.)

The Naked Reader Book Club Selections for June 2010
The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio by Violet Blue The Ultimate Guide to Cunniligus by Violet Blue
Tasting Him–Oral Sex Stories Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel Tasting Her–Oral Sex Stories Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel


Contributor: Veronica

A common mistake is being un-emotional. Men don’t want to look at a bored, “working” face when getting head. They want a happy, smiling face. They want to know that you’re enjoying it as much, or even more than he is. “but I’m not enjoying it, I’m just doing it ‘cause he likes it”. That attitude won’t get you far... For more check out []

Contributor: Jo lala
Jo lala