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Daddy Doms: They're Not What You Think
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When you hear the words Daddy Dom, you probably internally (maybe even externally) cringe and think "Ew gross." What you probably don't know is that a Daddy Dom has nothing to do with incest or pedophilia. It has to do with wanting to take care of your partner like a Daddy does.


still makes me uncomfortable but I was really close to my dad- so close a counsellor once suggested that he was "emotionaly incestuous" which was ignorant and 100% untrue. because i was so close to him I can;t wrap by brain around the perspective you are referring too and I'm not altogether sure that I want too. ask "who's your daddy?" in bed and i'll leave. for good. but getting rid of my predjudices has always been imporant to me, it would be nice to be able to lift my view right off and away from actual father daughter correlation but I can't see how at this point. i have had it suggested that my drug addiction and subsequent prostitution was somehow related to underlying "daddy issues" and it's just not true. R,I.P. to the best dad in the world


Thank you! I'm a babygirl! My husband is my Daddy and i can't believe how many people don't understand this type of relationship. It has nothing to do with incest, and of course this type of relationship is not for anyone. Thankfully for me and my Daddy, it has been the most rewarding. Thank you again for writting about this relationship dynamic


i have never thought about it before but me and my fiance have a relationship similar to the things you described. definitley made me think!


I was one BIG DADDY but I went, basically, unappreciated by her!

Though, one night, while she was very ill and in the bed and I was making my drink after tucking her in, I got the feeling that someone was staring at my back. I turned and there she was, with her doe eyes, all welled up, looking at me!

I asked her, "WHAT?"

"Even my parents have never taken care of me THIS way!"

I could not help but fall into her arms and cry!

Later, she left me for someone rich! I am very poor, presently. :-(


To be magnanimous to her, I am 36 and she is 23. :-P


This dynamic is what I want; someone to cherish me, be my rock. I'd say I have a innocently playful personality that I'd love a partner to nurture and respond to, but I'm not into age play or discipline. The way I see it, I am a strong caring woman who perhaps needs someone to care for me...



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