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Forget Taste and Texture... Forget the Guy as well. Swallowing Cum is FUN FUN FUN

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Sex is not a duty, it should not be task. And a blowjob should not be hard work. Some thoughts on getting the most out of giving head, and getting even more from his orgasm.


Contributor: Trysexual

Interesting article. I've dated women who loved it like this and it's wonderful.

Contributor: Life is good

I truly enjoy giving a blow job to my husband. It whips us both into a frenzy. But I will not swallow. After all of the biology that I have studied, just the thought of it makes me nauseous. He's never asked me, and with all of the other fun things we do I truly do not believe he misses it.

Contributor: Jenny Swallows

"I truly do not believe he misses it." Well, that wasn't really the point of the article, was it?

Contributor: Life is good

Hmmm. I thought this was an open thinking forum for all walks, Jenny. I quote your article "Yes, he wants us to do it, and he will indeed beg, plead and cajole until we say yes." Third paragraph, very prominent. It wasn't the "point" of your article, but you made it an important part.

Yes, I read your article. I'm willing to try new things which is why I read it. I was wondering if I might find something to sway my feelings, but I did not.

Remember, Jenny, just like you there are all kinds of people in the world that like all kinds of things. If you write and post an article, people will agree or not, and some may comment. But as a writer you will need to accept what they say, whether or not you agree with them (unless it is a personal attack). Take it as it was meant, as a different point of view. And not belittle them. As soon as you do you lose all credibility.

Contributor: Jenny Swallows

Errr.....sorry? I didn't mean to offend or belittle (and I'm not sure how I did) - I meant, simply, the point of the article was not about doing something for his enjoyment, but for your own. The title says it all - forget the guy. This is for YOU. Or not, if you don't want to. If you'd ended your original comment saying "I don't miss it at all," I'd have supported you all the way. But him? In the context of the article's intentions, his feelings really don't matter.

As for what you said about finding "something to sway my feelings"... I think your remark about studying biology in your first posting made it clear that's not going to be so easy; BUT the fact that you are looking for that does make me wonder if somewhere at the back of your mind, you're looking to undo the impressions that those studies set in stone. In which case... reread my title, forget the science (which is pretty icky... I know from my own schooling)... and have fun!

And apologies again....

Contributor: spiced

Thanks for another fabulous article! I don't think you have anything to apologize for.

Being married to a woman who doesn't like to swallow, and having dated women who loved it, I can say I DO miss it (A LOT) but it's NOT a deal breaker. I've always wanted the woman I'm with to have what she wants sexually (and in other ways), and not to feel any pressure to do something she doesn't enjoy.

I'm lucky that my wife feels the same. I usually try anything she likes that I don't like at least three times. I've learned to love some things I never thought I could!



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