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The First Lie
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What is the first lie a guy ever tells his girlfriend? “I promise I won’t cum in your mouth."

And what is the first lie she tells him? "Good”.


Contributor: dooboige

Thanks for this, Jenny. As you've said before, some women like it and some don't, and I doubt this will convince any of the latter group to move into the former one. But it's nice to read something about what the experience is like from the perspective of someone who does enjoy it.

Contributor: LuluWilliams

great article!

Contributor: CoriB

If inexperienced guys cum fast and they need to practice cumming (during a blowjob), wouldn't that entail that we have to practice blowing inexperienced guys? That we have to adapt our skills perhaps to help them lean how to cum from oral?

Contributor: Jenny Swallows

Well, if we all take one each, and train him to perfection, it shouldn't take too long



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