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The Top Five Most Fascinating Things About Jersey Shore – Week Three

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And we’re back! Another episode of Jersey Shore down and another slew of disgusting, creepy, psychotic and just plain fascinating things to talk about from a sex and gender perspective.


Contributor: Keith Pullman
Keith Pullman  

There's nothing wrong with the possibility of a threesome between the Situation, Erica, and Brittany. Consanguinamory is certainly no more "strange" than casual sex with virtual strangers.

Contributor: Ms. Spice

hahah this show is so moronic but so entertaining. you made this more funny, somehow

Contributor: Aubrey Sitterson

@Keith - Really? Can I chalk my ignorance of the joys of sibling-sex up to being an only child then?

Contributor: aliceinthehole

oh i about turned the tv off when ron and sam got back together! that relationship alone is so disgustingly obnoxious and wrong in every way, i can't hardly watch the show.

it's one of the only tv shows i watch, and i watch it online. i dont' even own a tv!
because i dont like it normally. but jersey shore... god it's got some train wreck with flowers spurting out of it element that i kind of am addicted to.

Contributor: Keith Pullman
Keith Pullman  

Yes, siblings of varying sexual orientations have enjoyed sex with each other, sometimes with another person, sometimes not. This has gone on all throughout history. It ranges from playing doctor, youthful experimentation all the way through lifelong spousal type relationships.



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