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True Blood: Getting High on Each Other

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This week, romance flourishes between Sookie and Eric while they experience much more than the usual high of new relationship energy.


Jennifer Duke-Sylvester  

Thanks for the insightful article. I initially found the snow scene pretty cheesy, but your comments and those of other viewers led me to watch it again. There's a surprising amount of substance under all that cheese.

The dream is about a union of opposites . So Eric comments on the snow falling and Sookie talks about the sunshine. Sookie's warmth and light is contrasted with Eric's dark and coldness. He's practically naked, while she's so swathed in furs that only her head and arms, and her feet, are visible. He's a vampire and she's (partially) a fairy who vampires love to eat. Maybe the only place they can really be together is in this dream world where anything is possible (did they really have to say that 50 times!). Anyway, you picked up on a lot of stuff I missed the first time. Good catch.


Have you read the books? The show isn't exactly like the books (not like Twilight), but it veers off in its own path, but still follows the general lines of the book. I think its great, and gives some back story to whats going on. While I have missed this season (damn catching up on bills) I am going to watch it all over the weekend, and catch up. Im pretty sure I know whats happening, and Im not missing much - except the Lafayette and the Jesus line. Thats not really in the book .LOL



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