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True Blood: Castrating Your Favorite Heel

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Contributor: Cherry Trifle

A. I'd like to commend you on the title, Aubrey. It stung a little for me to read the word "castrating" above a picture of my beloved Eric.
B. Points all taken. Alas, like many swooning members of Team Eric, I largely vacillate. Over the seasons I've so enjoyed those moments where I let him "fool" me (along with Sookie) into thinking there was something a tad cuddlier inside that near-mechanized Viking veneer only to be tossed coldly over his shoulder and chained up in his basement.
C. No spoilers (I haven't actually read the books) but yes...I'm looking forward to how things will play when the explosive amnesia* dissipates and hoping for some sort of internal battle of the Erics to be waged. That would be far more interesting, methinks, than flipping a switch and getting the old Eric back.
*I actually wondered if the memory DID come back when Tara let loose on all his previous bad deeds at Sookie's house...and whether he might be playing this whole thing out to win the faerie for himself. They did call him a "master manipulator," didn't they? Possible?

Contributor: Petite Valentine

"Interestingly, this isn’t an uncommon plot route for a television show to take when a female protagonist finds herself torn between the good guy she was initially with and an alluring, menacing heel."

You do realize that this little plot twist was in the book which came out several years ago?

Contributor: Aubrey Sitterson

I didn't realize - I've only read the first book. Does that invalidate anything in the article, or is this just an FYI?

Contributor: Emma (Girl With Fire)

I love the new Eric, I really despised him before and now he is just plain adorable. I still hate Bill, and likely always will.

Contributor: ErinORiordan

As both a reader and a watcher of the Sookie Stackhouse series, I will always be rooting for Bill and Sookie to get back together - but I certainly don't mind her digression with memory-less Eric. For the moment, anyway, I say save a Civil War vet, ride a Viking!



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