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Midori: Sex Toy Horror on Late Night Cable

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It was the sort of horror that’s only possible on late night cable. An hour-long shopping show dedicated to cheap sex toys. If QVC was a trailer trash mama, we just met her slutty little sister trying oh-so-hard to be Hollywood classy. This was Bristol-Jamie-Lynn capitalism and Sex-In-The-City-knockoff sexual liberation.


Contributor: Ansley

I know the show you are talking about in this article. The sad part is the blond you mention has a rather foul mouth in her daytime gig. And the prices? INSANE. There is at least a $70-$150 price difference between their products and products offered online. The double-dedicated line, is in fact, creepy as hell instead of appealing.

Contributor: Mistressssssss

I have seen this show myself, watching with the same uncomfortable sense of horror, humor and bewilderment. Some areas of our culture still have the mindset to keep us in a dark, distorted caricature of the 50's mentality.



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