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Some Girls Don’t Want Ponies

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This is brilliant and funny analysis, Midori. I have had the little girl pony fetish discussion many times.

I invented a game in grade school of "Horses and wolves." When I discovered the other girls brushing each other's hair and tossing their hair and practicing whinnying, I added the extra dimension of "Herd politics". They were ponies but I was the leader/stallion. They had to follow me. Run when I said run and could only play in whatever grassy area far from the playground that I declared "safe." And if one of the pony-girls got rebellious and wandered away or "ran off", I was allowed to chase her and headbutt her, "nip"/bite, drag her back until she returned to be the group submissively.

When the boys wanted to play, they tried to come as cowboys to capture and train my harem. I was having none of that. So I invented a pack of wolves for them to be (also girls who never or no longer wanted to be ponies joined this pack) . The wolves chased the horses and if they could catch us then the girls hid behind me and I fought the alpha wolf. Or sometimes they would kidnap a straggler and the herd would have to rescue her.

Some days I would choose to be the wolf leader and show the pack how to ambush the horses: How to hold them down while they kicked and whinnied and we snapped our teeth and licked and tickled pretending to eat the downed pony-girls.

At recess, kids lined up waiting for me to assign them roles in my anthropomorphic soft-porn fantasies. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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