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Attention Skinny Women Bashers: You're Not Helping Self-Esteem Either
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There is a lot of pressure in America to be skinny when you're a woman, but lately there have been campaigns that bash skinny women in a way that are just as unhelpful to women's self-esteem as calling larger women unattractive. This is a healthy skinny woman's response to internet campaigns to end the bashing of curvy women that in turn call skinny women unattractive and perpetuate the very beauty standards they seek to abolish.


Great review! Though, when I see the posts and everything, it's more speaking down on those who feel the need to be anorexic. Skinny or not. There's nothing at all wrong with being skinny. Being one who has been both skinny as well as thick and curvy over my years, there's def a big difference between being healthy skinny and skin and bones. And most of the photos I see saying about curvier women being more attractive are saying they look better than a girl that looks like a skeleton with some skin still attached. And in my opinion, being THAT skinny cannot possibly be healthy. But I do 100% get where you're coming from with this article. So many people are too busy bashing or defending larger women that they fail to realize what it's doing to the healthy skinny women. How I see it is as long as you are healthy, your size should not matter. Weight and size is based off structure, muscles, height, etc, not jean sizes. I have large hips, so even when I was 120lbs, I still wore a size 9 jean and was 5'3''. Good job with your articles, keep it up!


I agree with your points but reject your portrayal of these pictures being created by men. I don't see any mention of how you tracked down the creators and identified their gender. All of the attention to this meme that I have seen in my circles was put out there by women. So please lets not use this to start another gender war. Women on the whole are more critical of their own and each others bodies then men ever are. Yes we have eyes that are drawn to what we desire but we desire all sorts of body styles.

My lovely lady keeps telling me in she wants to lose some weight. I tell her if she wants to lose weight that I support her but that I think she is lovely, sexy and amazingly attractive the way she is and I will be happy with her regardless of how skinny or how heavy she is.


this is to true!!!!!


I always try to explain this to people.


I'm glad this is something people are calling people out on now.


very well put


I hate any type of body shaming but I don't think it's possible for being told you're too skinny to be as bad as being told you're too fat. Just like "cracker" will never be as bad as the N-word. It all has to do with oppression. Even though you're being told your body isn't good enough it is NOT bringing round the weight of cultural oppression where people would literally rather let overweight people die then give them access to medicare/medicaid/public healthcare. There is no such stigma against the ultra-thin. At best they are the paragons of beauty, at worst they are sick and need to get better but even though they are 'sick' they 'deserve' the care to make them 'better'. Fat people, however, must only get off their fat lazy asses, put down the fork and become worthy of being called human again.



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