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From Raped And Repressed, To Rabbit Aficionado: A Tale Of Redemption Through EdenFantasys.

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It took me twelve years to mentally and emotionally recover my sexual health after being raped the first time I had sex. It took another six years for me to find a trustworthy man with whom I could explore my newfound sexuality. And the healing all started with an ad in the back of Cosmopolitan magazine and a vibrator from EdenFantasys.


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Contributor: LadyDarknezz

This article really touched me. I, too, have been sexually assaulted. It happened multiple times by a relative and then I got raped again by a complete stranger later on in life. I am so proud of you for being so strong and I am glad that EF really helped you out! Take care and I hope everything will continue to get better for you.

Contributor: SimpleHedonist

Great story!!! I have a family member who had a similar situation.

Contributor: Vaginas

so inspirational

Contributor: YvetteJeannine

Awesome article! You truly deserve this, and I am so glad to read that you found it! Thanks to , and , too! Just loved this. Super read!

Contributor: Airen Wolf

You are an amazing woman! To have found real love and the real meaning of sex through this community and a humble sex toy is truly an inspiring story. Bravo for having the courage to walk through the door here and rediscover yourself.

Contributor: Library Girl

Thank you for the kind comments, it really makes the nervousness of putting this out there worth it! I hope to educate people that there are different kinds of rapes and different repercussions to the assault. You have to find what you need to heal and just work through it. I'm glad people are touched by it, both rape victims and those who see the empathy in the story for others. The EF community is so kind.

Contributor: chicagobearsfan

Truly, thank you. I still can't orgasm as a result of my sexual assault years ago. I hope to someday have come as far as you! You are very strong and deserve the amazing life you've created for yourself.


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