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Perfection is Overrated
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Real women come in all sorts: fat and thin, healthy and unhealthy, old and young, cis and trans, and all of us with different outlooks on life. But the one thing we all have in common is that none of us can possibly live up to the idea of "perfection" that is shoved down our throats!



Loved this article, Silverdrop! I "liked" it too. I am so glad you brought these things up. Could not have said it better myself!


Thanks for deciding to engage with my article! I agree with all of the points you raise.


No wonder I never felt sexy and pretty, I never fit the perfect body shape. Now I wonder why I even listened. This article truly brings to light a definite misconception in our culture and no matter which way you are, fat or thin you still are critiqued on it. By any diet plan I am 30 lbs over weight, do I care anymore of others opinions? No not anymore, I am who I am, I like who I am and yes I even now feel pretty and sexy because it is my opinion that matters, not everyone else's. Great article and you're right, we are all awesome!



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