Society » Culture: "SexIs Subjective: Would you buy a sex toy for your Mad Aunty Mabel?"

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SexIs Subjective: Would you buy a sex toy for your Mad Aunty Mabel?

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Are sex toys appropriate gifts? Does it depend on who the receiver is?

Many people are comfortable buying sex toys either with or for our sexual partner(s). But what about friends or, (gasp, shock, horror) a relative?


Contributor: Sangsara

I bought my dad and step mom a we vibe 3 last year that turned out to bring tears- happy ones. My dad passed away in June after a 5 year bout with cancer and I guess even by Xmas he was no longer physically capable of intercourse with my stp mom, I didn't realize this as I don't ask about their sex life, I simply got an amazing deal ($70) from work and wanted to give them what I heard was an amazing toy. My step mom confided layer that because of the remote control he was able to be an instrumental part of her reaching orgasm that his failing health would not otherwise allow him todo. Awesome! My mom on the other hand chastised me with " sang, these are things that people are to buy themselves! It s not appropriate for one to buy them for others" HA! Ya right mom! So sorry my mom is so inhibited but I LUV to give the fun factory ocean to people and will probably do the same with the couture inspire. Oh after my dad passed my step mom had me buy her a we vibe tango. Now she's joking about putting a dungeon in the basement!,!

Contributor: Beck

I actually have an Aunt Mabel.



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