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20 Fun Sex Facts
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We all enjoy sex but it's always nice to hear the fun facts about it.


Contributor: Geography

Fun facts!

Contributor: K101

This is so weird! I read about 6+ of these all in one "Fun Sex Fact You Didn't Know Article" just yesterday evening like the merkin, the condom history, the Alabama & vibrator one as well as the sperm and cavity one! That was so neat. Like De ja vue when I was reading this article and seen the same ones. Scared myself there for a second. These are all so interesting!

Contributor: Jenyana

Fun to read, but Hysteria wasn't menstruation, it was a supposed medical condition in which the uterus started wandering around the body of a woman and caused the woman to be erratic, horny all the time, and possibly violent. It was treated by giving the woman orgasms through pelvic massages, to "anchor" the uterus where it was supposed to be and calm the woman down.Because apparently horny = mentally ill for Victorians. The Vibrator was invented because so many women had required treatment for it that doctors complained from constant wrist ache. XD


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