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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl: When worlds collide

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The lighting is set, the camera is ready to go live. You are dressed and everything is ready to go...And then your child wakes from a nightmare and is crying for you.

  Dressed for suck-cess

One thing that bothers me about being a cam girl is the dress up, well the little bit that I do wear. Seriously, does no one see the irony? I spend a good amount of time setting up my room, creating the ambiance, getting my make-up on, getting dressed in my sexy Eden lingerie and doing my hair...for what? So someone can come in my room, watch me strip and oil myself up, messing up my sheets and the oil screwing up my make-up. Then I rail myself with some inanimate object, turning my styled hair into a just fucked look, just to start it all over again!

Yes, I make good money doing it, and thus really have no room to bitch. But sometimes it’s annoying. It's all so repetitive and yet each one of these guys actually thinks that he is the only one that can make you cum. He is the only one that can make you holler out in pleasure. Really people? Come on now? Do you really think I would be online every night, well, most nights at least, if I was just waiting for you? If I was, trust me, I would have a whole lot more issues than I do already!

When it comes to solo play I fucking dominate. There isn’t anyone that can please me like me! I am totally, undeniably, unbelievably amazing, if I do say so myself. But when it comes to these asshats, I think I might be getting better at faking an orgasm than I am at actually giving myself one. Now that’s just wrong. The way I always figured it was if I had to fake it, you got to fix it. And I made sure you did. Now, I am expected to orgasm every 10 minutes for 4-6 hours straight! Well, let me tell you...that’s more exhausting than having a political conversation with my douche bag ex-husband. Granted, you don’t know what he was like, but let me put it this way, there were 2 things the fucktard was always doing, talking politics and kicking my ass. And if I had my choice, I would take the ass kicking. Usually it would end that way anyway, so better to just skip to the point and get it over with. Anyway, back to topic!

I love working online. I love working when I want. I love being able to have the adult social interaction that I only had when I was camming, before Eden of course. I do what I want, when I want. If I am in the mood, I do what's asked, and if I'm not, I don’t. Simple as that! Hell, sometimes I even get online in my 'not-even-close-to-sexy' flannel pajamas and just deal with my regulars because I just don’t have the energy in me to do anything else. And that’s why I do it. Because I can. Besides, being a VERY single woman with nothing but a little sexpertise and a box full of tricks, sometimes it is fun to have a little kink with someone other than myself! Anyone that has read my reviews knows exactly what it takes to get me off, so with that being said, if you see me at the grocery store, feel free to pick me up!

  Session insider: Shush...Don't talk BB!

This guy is one of my favorites. I don’t actually know his real name, or anything else about him. He just likes me to sit quietly and not look at the camera. This is usually the time when I pick up my book and just go about my business. He likes to see me being me, as if he was literally peeking through my window.

He never turns on his camera but I'm pretty sure we all know what he is doing. He doesn't type and he doesn't want me to say or do anything that has to do with the computer. Most of the time, I comply. I just read, or watch TV. He is usually in the room for about a half hour which is usually a good 60 bucks or so for my cut. So who am I to argue? But every now and then I will screw with him by getting up and getting changed into my ugliest pajamas I own, just to test the limits. I know, what a way to chase away the money. But it doesn't matter. He wants that true voyeur experience! He always stays.

And just before he leaves he says, "Thanks BB, that was great. I made a mess, going to clean up, see you next time!"
And then he leaves before I can say anything. Now, anyone that knows me in my line of work, members included, know that I hate being called BB. Seriously, how hard is it to spell out the word baby. It's just 2 extra letters! But with this guy, I have to let it slide. Not because I don't get a chance to speak, but because it is such easy work. Who would complain? Of course he is one of my favorites. I don’t have to do a damn thing, except pretend he doesn't exist! What woman wouldn’t like that?

  Until Next Time!

Thanks for reading my latest article! Keep the comments coming in! I love hearing from everyone! And remember if there is anything special you want to hear about in the camming world, just send me a message and I will make sure it gets into one of my upcoming articles!


Another great article like always, Lillie! I don't doubt that you are a great mother, and it is just down right sickening that people are so quick to judge you as a bad mother just because of the line of work you are doing! That's complete bullshit; A good mother does WHATEVER it takes to provide for her children, and that's how I've always seen it. I'm actually pretty good at putting myself into others situations; it's something that I wish other people would try to attempt. At least that way, you gain a better understanding of people in general.

I would also like to express my condolences on the loss of your sister. I know there's nothing I can possibly say to make you feel any better, but I will say that you aren't alone and I'm always willing to listen if you need someone to listen to you. You can even bitch at me, and I'll take it like a champ! I actually had to deal with two deaths this year; the most recent was my favorite aunt who died on July 4th. She was so wild, spontaneous, and just down right fun. She was also one of the only relatives that checked in on me, no matter how busy she was. Now, I don't get any calls or e-mails from any relatives...

I don't have any children and I most likely won't because I have all sorts of weird stuff going on in my fallopian tubes. My sister has a daughter and two autistic sons. I see all the struggles, anxieties and calls from school that she has to deal with, and I know it must be incredibly tough. Kudos to strong women like you for doing what it takes and choosing a career that actually provides for your family. Not to mention, a career that is on your terms!


Wow and now you see why I don't say to much because you got people putting their nose in where it don't belong. I do it for my kids too and it is easier. Child care is really expensive these days. I pay a lady now at a in home daycare and it still costs me a good deal a couple hours a week. Sorry you got the ass who did that to you. They will not understand and there is all kinds of people out there that snide up at us the same way. I don't care they are not taking care of my kids or paying my bills I am. So they can kiss off.


My fav client just wanted me to rub my dirty feet in his face while he jacked off. I loved it. You keep on doin what you do darlin. There are a million assholes out there posing as 'peace officers' who are only out to power trip and control. There are bill collectors and telemarketers and meter maids and people who work at the DMV who all make a living ruining people's days. You sell pleasure for a living. I'm about to write an article about boundaries and how different any kind of sex work is without them. You stick to yours and your karma will stay awesome and your kids get fed and you can sleep at night knowing that what you do for a living brings HAPPINESS to people- not everyone can say that!
i'd like to see you work but a. That's private and b. I'm not payin for it haha ( although I sure would pay a guy or a girl to go down on ME for once lol) .

On another note, I lost my dad two months ago so I have an idea what you are going through and girl you are strong, you've been through some serious shit, you will be okay. Thanx for another good read and I will publish an article for the same column soon.


People need to get off their high horse and really ask themselves, "Is there ANYTHING you wouldn't do for your children?" If you answer yes, then you really need to re-evaluate your commitment as a parent. There is NOTHING I wouldn't do for my children. I have considered looking into the cam thing to help bring more funds into the home. It is so hard to look at your children and say, "Sorry, I can only afford to get you two new outfits and a back back for school. I can't afford to get your haircut or those new shoes until next month." If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all, unless we are in the bedroom, then bring on the naughty talk!

Mr. BB would be a client come true! I would love to just go about my day on the cam and have guys get off like that. Come watch me do housework, or work on my nursing school homework or mend the latest coat to lose a button. OMG!

Still love reading your articles. Have been playing catch-up on them today.


hey Lillie, I just wanted to let you know I sat down and read all of the articles you wrote today, and loved them all. I have always been curious about this topic and love your outlook on it. Thanks and keep writing!



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