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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl: Sex Sells

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If you have read my other articles, you got the details in a perky, upbeat, sometimes sarcastic way. Tonight, it is coming from the other side of me, the depressed single mother that feels like things will never change. This will prove that being a cam girl, or a mom, is not all glam and glitter.

  Viewers Want What They Want

Someone comes into your session (hypothetically speaking) and they tell you that you look sexy and they want to fuck you. That is your cue to become bashful, maybe blush a little and act like they are saying something the 400 other viewers haven't already said. But what do you do when you really want to tell them to get off the damn porn sites and go fuck their wife who is probably asleep in bed completely ignorant to the fact that their husband is spending a good chunk of his paycheck on watching my pussy sweat! Now of course we can't say that. Or can we?

If you haven't noticed by now, I tend to be a bitch. Not a bitch in the sense that I just like pissing people off and will do anything in my power to do so, or think that I am all high and mighty and have the right to. But I am a bitch in the sense that, If something pops into my head, I am going to say it. I may laugh it off like a joke, but when I say something, you can pretty much take it to the bank that it is real. I don’t lie, I don’t play, and I certainly don’t have a filter. Why bother? Half the guys I see on a nightly basis do it because they love that about me. They like me putting them in their place, which is great because, quite frankly, I have way too little interest in playing games.

Don’t get me wrong. I have been in sales for a very long time and that is really all you need to make it in a business like this. Know how to read the customer and know how to sell yourself. I can play the ditzy girl who doesn’t have a brain but who has a pretty pussy. But why bother when I can have a rough day, hop online and get paid to take my stress out on paying customers. I mean really, if someone was willing to pay you, per minute, to do and say whatever you wanted would you really play nice and just giggle and tee-hee your way around the conversation, or would you really give it to him? I think the answer is quite simple.

  Mr. Pens L. Dick

Mr. Pens L. Dick, which might actually be his real name, I'm not sure, is one of my favorites. He sends me a message a few days a week asking how my day was. If I say “fine” or “good” or anything along those lines, he simply bids me a good day and waits a few days until he tries again. Now if I respond to his email and I say, "listen fucker, I have had a shitty day and I am really not in the mood to talk to some string bean dicked mother fucker, so back off," he instantly shows up in my double charge per minute private session. He loves when I have had a bad day.

He comes in and says something simple, “Oh, I see you decided not to wear lipstick tonight,” or anything that he knows I don’t like doing, and waits for me to go off. I will sit there and yell at him and tell him what an ugly worthless piece of shit he is and the only use for him is the money in his wallet. Occasionally I kick him out of my room when I am really steamed and he is getting really turned on and I max out my price per minute. When he comes back in I go off on him some more.

He loves this and it turns him on so much that he turns on his camera and he is stroking himself while I unleash my anger on him. Which, of course, is supposed to piss me off more so I steam and steam and keep on yelling, lucky for me it usually takes him about 20 minutes or longer to get off. Then I laugh at him for not being manly enough to shoot a big load and the night is done. He apologizes for making me angry and leaves, at least until the next time. Oddly enough, I usually wake up in a pretty chill mood the next day. It’s like reverse billing therapy!

  Until Next Time!

I hope you enjoyed this installment of A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl. I will be interviewing some of the girls and couples in my studio and you can see the cam whoring world from another point of view. All my models have signed releases and are ready to go, so stay tuned!


Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast

Lmfao Lillie. Thank you so much. I have been feeling the same way you have been feeling this week depressed. I should be taking my meds but have not. I got someone too that I tell leave me a lone and they stay and think it is a game I hate it then I get mad tell them I don't want to talk next thing I know they pop in my video room. Hey I am getting the mula but damn did I not tell you I was not well. Gosh I love how I don't have to say anything, you always know what to say.

Contributor: XxXxX

Lol, Its all part of being in the cam world. I think that is why I am so popular on our cam sites forum, I say what everyone else holds back!

Contributor: LadyDarknezz

Amazing article like always, and I apologize for the long ass comment, but I really had to vent myself because I have some depression stuff going on, too.

Lillie, I totally understand the depression. I used to have my own place, was on my final year of college, had tons of friends, I had a nice car and had a job I loved up until my illness came out of nowhere to utterly fuck up my life.

Now, I live with my parents that police every aspect of my life because they are the ones that pay most of my ridiculously high medical bills. I had to go on an indefinite medical leave from school because of this shit. My friends abandoned me because they don't want to talk to a sick person because it makes 'them' feel bad...I'm serious, that's what I've been told, I mean, it's not like sitting in the fucking hospital for 3 days straight with needles hanging out of my veins and constant pancreas pain doesn't make "ME" feel bad or anything. I had to sell my car to pay for 2 extremely expensive surgeries that I had to get and of course, I can't work a regular job due to the opiate/narcotics I'm taking and the nearly non-stop unbearable pain I'm in on a daily basis. I am currently on 13 medications I take a day and one of them is a high-dose anti-depressant. I have extremely bad days, too, but I am mainly isolated since nobody really comes in here to spend time with me. I feel like I go insane because I sometimes just have to curse out the damn walls. When it comes to family situations, I'm pretty much the same way as you; I've always been the odd one in my family. The peculiar, nerdy black goth chick that never fit in with the rest of my family. Hell, my brother and his wife think I'm a damn devil worshiper just because of the way I look lol.

Depression comes along with the territory, so I can relate to that, even though our situations are completely different, but it is good to know that you can vent to your weird ass money-bags customer and get some funds out of the deal! I just want to let you know that I respect you and you are definitely my favorite writer on Sexis right now. I love people who keep it real!

Contributor: XxXxX

Well Lady, I must say that you are probably one of my favorite readers on SexIs I love how you always comment about the way it incorporates into your life, even though we live 2 completely different lives. It shows the other readers that it doesn't depend on jobs or anything else, we feel how we feel because of life in general.

I have been dealing with alot of medical issues myself. But lucky for me I haven't had to deal with surgeries and all. I tend to be the black sheep of my own choosing. I find it better for me as a whole. My family knows this and pretty much let me be. And being from a stereo-typical white on white, on white family, lmao, I must say, I wish I had a nerdy black gothic chick in it! Devil worshiper or otherwise! LOL.

Depression is a hard battle to fight, but I am finding that being part of the Eden community is nearly the best medication I have. That is probably why I dove in so quick and spend so much time here. And I want you to feel more than welcome to email me anytime you want if you want to talk, laugh or bitch. I would love to be your friend.

Contributor: J dog
J dog  


Contributor: XxXxX


Contributor: Pudyqat

I love your list of things about you!



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