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You say tomato, I say designer toy fetish.

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Are designer sex toys the new designer stilettos?


I found myself nodding practically the whole time I was reading this... so true. Except for the fact that I'm married, I could have written this myself. I'm sure I'd make myself sick if I added up all the expensive toys that didn't pan out- but isn't it that way with everything that is a "must have" at some point or another?


Seriously...It's an addiction!!


Seriously...It's an addiction!!


Seriously...It's an addiction!!


ack didn't mean to post that three times. I guess I'm seriously addicted!

Ofer Zick  

Just have to agree as a designer, 20 years of designing products in the medical device field and in the past 3 years also signed a line of designed sex toys.
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good article


I had the opposite experience: the Nea did NOT work for me, but the Siri is my favorite! I also feel ripped off for the money I dropped on a couple expensive toys, but now I do better research, wait to read for some reviews, and make better choices when I do buy a new toy.

I'd much rather pay the extra for a $100 toy than a dirt-cheap toy that will break or is made of unhealthy materials, but a lot of the fancier toys seem unnecessarily fancy, like the ones made out of gold or covered in diamonds or something. I'll wait for sales and shell out the money for something rechargeable, waterproof, etc., but there's a difference between useful luxury and senseless luxury.


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