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The Secrets of Lust, Desire and Arousal in Women

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Science offers clues, but doesn't have the answers—maybe because “desire” is what a woman says it is.



Great Article! This seems so very true; I have never been able to reach orgasm when I am aroused but my mind is not in the mood.


Makes sense. My wife thinks about everything all the time and she finds it hard to get in the mood. Once we get started everything is great and she reaches an orgasm, but its getting her in the mood is the challenge.


I, too, have been cheated out of the big O by distractions great and small. I've found if I catch the (let's just call them) "bad" thoughts in time, before they spiral and whatever magical act is being performed on me becomes an annoyance rather than a gift, I have the ability to redirect if I genuinely *want* to be in the mood. I think most of us have tht in us. If not, perhaps it's a good mental exercise for the women out there. A reverse "nuns playing baseball," if you will!

Great story.


Great article! I've never had an O either if I had things on my mind, so this doesn't remotely surprise me.


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