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Toni Bentley: The Erotic Bliss of Sweet Surrender

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Toni Bentley is, among other things, a sensualist. A purring, sexual tigress, who does not withhold her claws, Bentley loves to take it in the ass—and has found an enduring erotic ecstasy in being a bottom.



"While many men warmed to the erotic message of The Surrender, the majority of feminists opined that S&M role-play, including sodomy, was an extension of male oppression."

Sorry, but what an utter load of rubbish. I'm getting really sick of reading people saying that 'feminists' are anti-S&M role-play and anal sex. You do get the odd one who is (eg, 'I blame the patriarchy' blog), but it really seems to be incredibly uncommon, in fact, many famous female submissives (eg, Madison Black) identify as feminists. So if women don't like this book, maybe it's because it's a terrible, boring book full of its author's massively inflated sense of her own importance (that's what I thought) and not because they think there's something oppressive about anal sex and/or S&M.


I recently finished The Surrender. It wasn't the best book I've ever read, but it was well worth the 200 pages.


wonderful read


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