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Video Review Guidelines

The Basics

An EdenFantasys video review is a subjective and informational look at the product. An EdenFantasys Slideshow is a collage of images and text that give an objective, commercial look at the product and packaging.

Before doing any type of video, you need to look at the product page to determine how many videos the product has. We only allow two video reviews and one slideshow per product. If a product already has two video reviews and one slideshow, it's not eligible for another video. A product can have two video reviews and one slideshow; you will not be eligible for payment if you add a video review or adult video beyond those limits. If a product has no videos or only one video, it may be eligible for another.

Once you've done your investigating, you must e-mail to request permission to create and submit the video (complete with link to product page) and to see if it would be eligible for payment. The product you're requesting may already be assigned. Out-of-stock products, gag gifts, condoms, batteries, books, audio books, CDs and DVDs are not eligible for any type of video. Sometimes we already have people in the process of doing the video which is something you can't see from the product page.

Please email us from the email address connected to your EdenFantasys account. This is how we look you up in our admin and how points are assigned upon completion of your videos.

Video Reviews Guidelines

Video reviews are meant to be an overview of the product. In these videos, we are looking for you to show the different aspects of the product. Show off and talk about the body of the toy, the texture and design, how strong it vibrates, compare it to other toys, and show how loud it is. We welcome any sort of creativity you'd like to give your video review!

Most paid video reviews can only be done if you've written up a text review on the product. We make exceptions on occasion, but not often. Your video review will be attached to the written text review that you wrote. Even if you plan to upload a video for the product, we ask that you do not skimp on your regular text review. The videos are meant to supplement, while the text should be the heart of your review. We ask that you avoid restating all of the basic statistics that are listed on the EdenFantasys product page. We want to see how the toy looks, feels, and functions. Statistics, measurements and ingredients are best left to the written review.

Use the Video Review Content Requirements to determine what you should or should not include in a video.

We ask that you try to keep all video reviews around 3 minutes in length. Try to find good lighting, a stabilized and decent quality camera, a good microphone, and no distracting background noise. We do not require your face to be in the video; many reviewers just show their hands and the product or just their body without their face in the shot. ALL videos must follow copyright laws.

Please realize that, while we love getting videos from everyone, sometimes we have to decline them or ask you to redo them if they are too dark, too quiet or have other quality issues.

We ask that you also follow the Video Review Upload Requirements for every single upload. Videos that are improperly titled, tagged, described or categorized may be declined until you correct any errors.

After you've uploaded your video, in order to receive payment for your video, you must e-mail to let her know that the video was uploaded. You can only upload one (1) video in a day for payment and no more than five (5) video reviews per week. All videos much be set to "Public". Private videos are not eligible for any EdenFantasys program.

Regular Video Reviews

Any contributor can do a regular video review. A regular video review is when you add a video to a text review you've already written. All of the above guidelines apply. If you've met all of the requirements, a regular video reviews pays:

1500 EdenPoints for lingerie, bath and body products, storage pouches, towels, games, free gift products, novelty items and all products under $20.00

2000 EdenPoints for products between $20 - $49.99

2500 EdenPoints for products between $50 +

Slideshows see more info here

** Slideshows would be around one minute long. Anything shorter than 45 seconds or longer than 90 seconds would not be accepted. Remember, a short glimpse, not an in depth review!

** Images used in a Slideshow must be the users own images, not EdenFantasys product images or manufacturer product images.

** Slideshows need approval just like regular video reviews do. Contributors would need to email to be sure the product is available for the addition of a Slideshow. (This is to ensure we don’t have 10 Slideshows coming in of the same products, since only one is generally needed for each product) Just send a link to the product page, along with your request, and I’ll get back to you with approval within 24 hours usually.

** Slideshows should be professional in appearance. Graphics and transitions used should be appropriate to the product. We don’t want a Slideshow set to Halloween graphics or a My Beach Vacation theme.

** Images used should be of decent quality. We don’t expect you guys to be professional photographers but images must be clear, non blurry and must show the product and packaging (if showing) from different angles in an attractive and professional manner. Don’t use images with your dog or messy kitchen in the background.

** Music used in Slideshows should be music that is available free to the public, royalty free. Most slideshow programs include some or you can find it around the internet on various free music websites. Please don’t use music with lyrics or that is copyrighted.

** Slideshows pay 1000 points ($10 gift card) which will be deposited into your account after you submit the Slideshow AND email a link to the completed Slideshow.

** Contributors can do up to 5 videos per week total. You can mix and match, doing slideshows and regular video reviews, or just video reviews or just slideshows, but the total should not be more than 5 uploads per week.

** Because this is a “beta” program we are reserving the right to decline Slideshows that are of poor quality while we’re working out the kinks. If you upload a Slideshow that is declined you are always allowed the opportunity to redo it/improve it so that it can be accepted. Think of it as the same as editing for written reviews; sometimes, the editors send you stuff back to fix up.

** Each Slideshow should begin with text that states the name and manufacturer of the product and should end with the product name, manufacturer of the product and the text “Available at”

All Slideshows pay 1000 EdenPoints

Adult Videos

We no longer do adult videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will doing video reviews help improve my rank?

No. Because we realize that doing video reviews is not something that every contributor can do, it's not fair to offer extra ranking incentive for doing videos. While it will get you more involved and active in the community, it does not influence your rank at all.

I'm having issues uploading my video. I'm not sure how to do any of this. Help?!

It can be a bit confusing at first, but we actually have a tutorial on our blog that will show you how to upload a video, step-by-step, with pictures. It makes it very easy to figure out. If you still have questions or issues, please send an email to