Your Guide To Clitoral Stimulators

When it comes to having “so-good-your-neighbors-hate-you” sex, stimulating the clit is rule number one. Whether you’re looking for more effective ways to arouse your woman, or need some enhanced advice for spicing up your solo play, the right clitoral toy guarantees body-shaking orgasms that even the most skillful hand or tongue won’t be able to deliver.

1What's Special About Clitoral Toys?

Although some women are lucky enough to climax via penetration alone, for the majority, the key to unlocking unbound pleasure lies in consistent external stimulation of the clitoris. Clitoral toys are specially designed to provide precise sustained clitoral spur via sweet vibrations, pulsation, sucking or other delightful functions.

There is a wide range of clit teasers: pocket rockets, finger vibes, bullets, oral simulators - created with women's pleasure in mind, these quiet and discreet C-spot teasers guarantee breathtaking sensations and each of them is a must-try for every woman.

2What Are The Best Types Of Clitoral Vibrators?

Ergonomic Vibrators

Clitoral vibrators designed with smooth, streamlined ergonomic shapes fit all your lady bits perfectly, ensuring that every inch of your pleasure zones will get a spur. While being perfect for solo play, this type of C-spot vibrators makes an exciting addition to a couples love session.

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The vibrations are very deep and rumbly, and I'm really happy with the shape and size.

Eggs & Bullets

Being small and discreet, bullet and egg vibrators are true clit pleasure bombs, with incredible power that you'd never expect to enjoy with such a little gadget. Bullet- or egg-shaped toys are easy to use, versatile - and generally, not expensive, so your pursuit of pleasure won’t break the bank.

It does everything that I would expect out of a small bullet-style vibe, it keeps my girl happy, and she begs for it before foreplay.

Pocket Rockets

Featuring a cylindrical shape with vibrations distributed via the flattened top, pocket rockets are perfect for labial stimulation or delivering an arousing buzz to pretty much any desired part of your body.

It packs a powerful punch in such a small package.

Finger Vibrators

The smart design of finger vibrators features a vibrating massager attached to a stretchy ring that fits around a finger. These little teasers let you enjoy a complete “hands-on” experience that’s infinitely more intimate than those you get with large-scale toys.

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This is an excellent couples' toy! It's versatile and easy to use. Also easy to care for, it's a great buy for many people!

Rabbit Vibrators

While clitoral stimulation is crucial for female orgasm, G-spot stimulation delivers deeper sensations. That’s why dual stimulators, such as rabbit vibrators, can lead to intensely pleasurable “blended” C- and G-spot orgasms.

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This toy is guaranteed to give you a mixture of orgasms, and will never fail to please.

Wand Massagers

If you’re looking for something dramatically intense, look no further. Originally designed for muscle relaxation and body massage, the key advantage to wands is the extra power, intensity and deep throbbing vibrations they pack. Whether you choose a model that’s rechargeable or corded, large or pocket-sized, the kind of orgasmic magic these wands deliver will be like nothing else you’ve ever experienced.

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Body shaking, toe-curling thrills. This toy is a must. It's amazing and you'll have an orgasm in under 2 minutes.

Vibrating Panties

Is it possible to enjoy a breathtaking sexual adventure without ever taking your panties off? You bet! Discreet enough to be used in public, vibrating panties allow for an entirely hands-free experience. With or without a remote control, panty vibrators can stimulate an entire intimate zone - or one specific part - your choice. And, oh, what a pleasurable choice it is!

This is a fabulous product! It is definitely worth the money and will surely heat up your sex life like it did mine!

3What Is The Best Oral Love Simulator?

Air Flow

Appearing on the market only recently, positive “word of mouth” quickly made these toys crowd-pleasing favorites. By drawing air in, these simulators create a very realistic and life-like sucking sensation on the clitoris. They also feature adjustable levels of stimulation to ensure orgasms of incredible intensity.

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It made my girlfriend lose her mind and unable to account for the time using the toy outside of a sensation of euphoria.


For those who prefer oral in the form of gentle licking and mild stimulation, these toys offer exactly what you crave. A wheel of firm but gentle silicone tongues rotate at different speeds and in a variety of patterns to caress your clitoris with delicious erotic sensations that assure unsurpassed ecstasy.

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For anyone who likes light flicks of the tongue on their clitoris, this is the most unique toy I have ever put to use!


Made of silky silicone and available in different shapes, these stimulators rotate and swirl, imitating the tongue of the most experienced lover.

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If you're looking for that intense, toe-curling, oral sex sensation, then look no further. The toy for you is here!

4What Are The Best Clitoral Pumps?

Clitoral pumps enhance sexual pleasure and speed up arousal. Using the same principle as a penis pump, pumps create a vacuum between the skin and the cup, drawing blood to the desired erotic zone. These toys can be used either before or between intercourse sessions to restore and enhance clitoral sensation.

It made me extremely sensitive and I did not want to stop using it. It is simple to use and makes you want to orgasm almost immediately.

5Can Clitoral Stimulators Go Extra? Yes!

Add More Lube

Water-based lube will enhance toy-to-skin contact and decrease friction for super smooth gliding action. To take things up a notch for even more stimulating sensations, consider switching to lube with a warming and tingling clit arousal formula.

Play “All Four Corners”

It’s well known that the upper right quadrant of the clit area is extra sensitive, but shifting your attention slightly to the right, left, up, or down is the key to increasing the ultimate level of arousal and delivering a truly intense climax.

Think “Outside The Box”

Clitoral stimulators can create fabulous sensations on nipples and other sensitive erogenous zones. Remember to use plenty of lube, and your erotic explorations are certain to bring amazing discoveries of the enjoyably carnal kind.

Play The “Ignore It” Game

This gambit involves touching everywhere except the one place you want to touch the most. The longer you hold off, the more powerful the eventual mindblowing “O” will be. Think you can handle it?

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