Sex Toys That Revolutionized Women's Lives

The first known sex toy dates back to the ancient times, but a lot has changed since then. Technological progress affects all aspects of our lives, revolutionizing the way we see and seek pleasure and making it difficult sometimes to choose between so many options and opportunities. That’s why we’ve created a list of the most amazing sex toys that truly changed women’s sex lives.


Versatile lover

Once women accepted Wand Massagers as something more than a just sore muscles relief, they have opened a portal into an orgasmic universe. With its powerful vibes and multiple attachments, the mighty Wand has become a trusted and unique tool for a complete head to toe pleasure, excellent both for solo and couples’ play.

The orgasm was so intense that I had to make sure and go for a second smoke and drink of water. Then I slept like a baby once everything was over.


C-spot oriented

Classic penetration, however fulfilling it might be, doesn’t guarantee a climax for the majority of women. Only clitoral stimulation along with quality thrusting can lead to a body-shaking orgasm. That is exactly what vibrating ring provides. Intensifying erection in men and making them last longer, this fantastic cock ring also offers thrilling clitoral stimulation with an ultra long vibrating attachment that fits any anatomy and guarantees a blasting O.

It is strong to the point that even on the lowest setting it can bring you and you partner to climax - as it did with us. It was surprising, but very enjoyable.


The elegant O

Very quiet and beautifully designed, this little treasure packs a great punch in a small package. But the most amazing thing about it is its versatility. It can be used to massage and stimulate the clitoris or to add extra sensations during couples play, nestling between partners. It can even be a great upgrade for a hand job or oral sex - the ways this toy can enhance your sex life is limited only by your imagination.

This toy is very much worth it. Very strong and unique pleasure derived from such a cute little thing that sits in its case on your bedside table.


The pure Bliss

Performing outstanding oral sex and giving just enough G-spot pressure at the same time - let’s be realistic, is hard to achieve in real life. But with this toy, it’s totally possible! The rabbit vibe from heaven, massages and caresses your clitoris, simultaneously sending deep, rumbly vibrations to your G-spot. With this guy, the legendary blended climax is more than just a fantasy.

My orgasm was absolutely one of the best I have ever had in my life. I will be using it very often from now on...


Kink made simple

The whole world and everything in it is moving faster, making it harder to keep up. That is why this bondage kit takes its rightful place in the list of toys that changed our lives. It is incredibly easy to install and operate and works with virtually any bed, allowing you to play the naughtiest games you’ve ever dreamed of, explore sensory and movement deprivation, and hide it away conveniently as soon as you’re done. Great and beginner-friendly way to keep sex in your relationship fun and spontaneous without spending too much time on preparation.

An ideal set for beginners to light bondage, who want to use restraints without drilling holes, buying leather or making a big investment.


Sex machine at hand

In the world of vibrating toys, this toy definitely stands out - it imitates natural thrusting movements, pushing itself deeper inside, stimulating G-spot with an ergonomically designed head and teasing with textures. The motor is so strong it won’t stop even if you squeeze it tightly with your pelvic floor muscles, so you can easily use it hands-free. No toy could ever replace a real lover, but this one comes close!

The realistic feel of the dildo in combination with the thrusting and warming is an instant "O" for me. I haven't tired of it night after night... it is a dream come true because I am in control of how hard I want it.


Playful digital workout

When it comes to training Kegels, one couldn’t help but wonder - how to make it more fun? The Quiver vibrating spheres solves this problem. All you have to do is turn on the remote control and get rewarded with deep orgasmic vibrations.

Do you want a toy that you can exercise and get kinky with? This toy is a match made in sex toy heaven. It is very flexible and lets you get frisky at the same time.


Connecting lovers

Before Satisfyer simultaneous shared pleasure was hard to achieve. The unique C-shape of this toy allowed couples to synchronize their orgasm, giving women what they needed for a climax - precise C-spot stimulation. Now it gets even better. The new Satisfyer double joy is controlled through an app on your phone, connecting couples on a whole new level. It’s a brilliant foreplay tool that works wonders, whether your partner is in the same room or on a different continent - the shared pleasure is still at your hand.

This toy is comfortable to wear for an extended time under your clothes, making it a great date night toy. Both he and she will get plenty of pleasure out of this one.



If there is one sex toy that people could learn something from, it’s Ora. Imagine the most fulfilling oral session you’ve ever got, and it still won’t be as orgasmic as the ones that Ora has in store. Super realistic movements, long seductive swirls, and intense pulsations around the clitoris will deliver the brightest climax you’ve ever had. Add to that the fact that Ora looks like a luxurious piece of jewelry, being totally discreet and easily rechargeable - no wonder it made the list of toys that revolutionized our lives!

As far as I'm aware, it's one of the only toys of its kind on the market, and I say this is worth the price tag in power and luxury.


Nipplegasm possible

These vibrating suckers tease an squeeze gently, drawing blood both to the nipple and the areola, provoking intense sensitivity.

If you love nipple stimulation, you'll probably love the nipplegasm toy. The vibrations are nice and strong but not loud.

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