Fire Reasons Why You Should Masturbate Every Day

In case you still need reasons to play with yourself more often, here we are, presenting eight rock-hard reasons that prove masturbation is vital - just like a workout. Regular getting it on with yourself means better mood, better sex life, and even better health in the long run! Science is on our side - so wank away!

1You'll Get Better In Bed

Masturbating regularly will get you better versed at your own pleasure. Study the erotic map of your body, and you’ll be able to teach your partner where and how you like to be stimulated for maximum pleasure. Read this in-depth guide to female erogenous zones to learn more about how and where to tease, caress, and touch. Eager to jump from theory to practice? Use a finger vibrator to explore each of your sweet spots and get the most juice out of every single one of them.

2You'll Get A Natural High

Medical marijuana? Booze? Nah - who needs those when you can just masturbate! When you reach an orgasm, even during solo play, your body releases an avalanche of dopamine, endorphin, and oxytocin - all the hormones that make you feel amazing. It also keeps cortisol, the stress hormone, at bay.

So dive in head-first into your onesome, maybe upgrading your handy moves to a seductively textured sleeve that will please not only your erection but your fantasy, too.

An ever-hungry rabbit vibrator that is always ready to fill her up and hump-hump-hump might be your best best when aiming for an orgasmic high.

3You'll Enhance Your Body Shape And Burn Calories

Remember we said masturbation is just like a workout? Well, it literally is. Lowering yourself onto the throbbing shaft, up and down, on your knees, faster - who'd say it's less effective than cardio? Try a sculpted suction cup dildo to jump on and around - with some angles it can hold when stuck to any sleek surface, a beautiful dong can be your personal trainer that helps your abs and your orgasms.

4You'll Make Your Pelvic Floor Muscles Stronger

With regular training, your Kegels can do tons of good to your body. Keeping them toned will help you bounce back from pregnancy and childbirth much easier, and it will keep some other "south problems" at bay. The best part - stronger Kegels can stay tense much longer, resulting in looooong, super intense orgasms. By the way, here you can learn about smart Kegel workouts that fit your schedule. So pop in a couple of balls and let them wiggle inside, training you, preparing you for stronger pleasure.

5You'll Keep Your Prostate Healthy

Regular ejaculation helps guys keep their prostate healthy, their sex stamina athlete-worthy and their erections thunder-hard. Sliding a savvily-curved prostate massager up your booty will feel amazing - plus it can show you to a whole new world of dry orgasms in men. Bet you didn't even know about those. Here are some techniques on how to play with a prostate toy by yourself - and don't forget to treat yourself to some all-around pleasure.

6You'll Sleep Better

Keep tossing and turning? If you do some arm cardio just before bed, no more sleepless nights for you. Happy and pleased, your body will go to sleep instantly. Just keep a revving wand massager on your nightstand. Your sore muscles will love it, and your sweet bits will love it even more. After that jolt of sexual energy, you'll see the sweetest dreams.

7It Will Help Your Pain

Skip the over-the-counter help and masturbate instead. When you reach an orgasm, blood flow is improved, and muscles relax, which can relieve a headache and other aches. Works like a charm with some chronic pains, too. Go fully therapeutic and try something in the crystal realm - a state-of-the-art glass toy will give you all the lush textures you crave, plus hard pressure and a tender chill across your aroused and pain-free bod.

8You'll Feel More Relaxed

Who needs that nasty tension and stress? If you are feeling annoyed, cranky, mad at the whole world- it's a sure sign you haven't had an orgasm for quite some time. Regular masturbation will fix your mood swings, lift your spirits up and can even help battle depression. Try adding the stunning oral imitator to your arsenal. With gentle sucking or even touchless fondling, these high-tech babes can put a really big smile on your face.

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