How To Choose Best Sex Toys For Erotic Reading

We read erotic novels for the story, sure, but mostly we do it for the way they make us feel, for the fantasies, maybe even for some new ideas they give us. Here are a few tools you can use as you’re delving deeper into that fascinating plot and a pressing desire really distracts you from the page 74.

1Part Of The Story

When you get caught up in the story and the arousal is getting real, the last you want is to come back to the real world, fall out of that enchantment and go looks for a toy to tickle your fancy. A remote-controlled wearable vibrator is like that dream hero from every erotic fiction you've ever read - knowing your desires before you even realize them. You can wear it even before you start your book journey, and as it gets hotter page by page, you turn the intensity up with the remote.

2Wish You Were Here

When the author describes "his throbbing erection that was about to thrust deep inside her pulsating wetness", you get a little shiver. And regret immensely that you don't have that mega hot lover in your bed! Well, this realistic dancing and thrusting vibrator might just be a little better than any lover you've ever fantasized about - so a perfect choice to recreate that read-on fantasy.

3Our Little Naughty Book Club

Who said reading is a solo activity only? Ahem, no thank you! Wear a vibrating panty while reading that steamy scene, and make sure to tell your boo what you're reading. You may even read it out loud. Pass on the remote and wait for the passion to strike - as you read, you will both feel the arousal rising, and the buzzing between your thighs will push you right in the middle of the steamy episode.

4A Rise-n-Fall Booty Situash

When the story is long and the hot scenes are far apart, you just wanna enjoy reading. With some occasional moaning blasts, of course. Chilling on a sofa with a book while having a butt plug inside is a brilliant move - you can have the plug in for a pretty long time, but feel it and work it with your tush muscles only when the characters are getting hot and heavy. And then relax again. And then build up a booty WOW, and then relax. This long-term butt plug wear guide will tell you how often to reapply the lube.

5The Moby Dick Of Your Orgasm

Choosing to lay in a bath with a book is the smartest thing you can do - water relaxes your every muscle, and you come out renewed, refreshed. Must we add that it's also easier to have a massive orgasm while you're immersed? So, if you're hunting your big white whale of O, take a waterproof vibrator along - preferably a strong one, so the vibrations would easily pierce the water - and take it down to business before you get to THAT part of the story. The water orgasm better comes in waves, so let the pleasure build up.

6All In Your Hands

Sometimes when that plot thickens, and you relate to those characters hard, and you feel their arousal, you just can't help it and your fingers rush over your hard nips or aching clit. That is the moment when you really want something natural, that would feel like an extension of your palm and as if the story itself is caressing you. A little and universal vibrator like this cutie-pie can nuzzle in your hand comfortably and slide against your skin, tracing every curve, dancing and nibbling around each nook and cranny, filling your trembling body with raw, raging, poetry-worth energy.

7The Master Of The Oral Genre

When it's not his d*ck the writer's describing, it's the character's fingers and tongue that come center stage. Ooh, those steamy "going down" chapters are what we all really want, because they sound so vivid, so madly thigh-shaking back-arching arousing,... and so unrealistic. Rarely there is a partner that can suck and lick and kiss at just the right angle and pace - as you imagine that book character would. And that's why an oral imitator is the hero of our dreams. With its mega realistic spur that feels like your lover's hot breath, it prevails and delivers oral pleasure that is worthy of a book on its own.

8Dress For The Heroine

We are here all this time, talking about how it would feel like inside that erotic story - so why not become a part of it? Getting under the main character's skin, trying on their worries and excitement - it will definitely make your erotic sensations more vivid. Throw on a stunning lingerie set while you lay there and read. It's classy, it's a solid feel-good move and it's like some sexy firewood for your imagination.

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