Read. Play. Orgasm.

Read. Play. Orgasm.

We read erotic novels for the story, sure, but mostly we do it for the way they make us feel, for the fantasies, maybe even for some new ideas they give us. Here are few tools you can use as you’re reading to relieve your sexual buildup for some instant gratification.

Read. Play. Orgasm.

6. Pleasure operator

Pleasure operator

This powerful but quiet remote control egg is like a character in your favorite sex fantasy, ready to pleasure you at the click of a button. Enjoy its power and comfort during your solo play or have a teasing foreplay with your partner!

5. Life-like lover

Life-like lover

Grab your favorite erotic novel, this hands free rabbit and immerse yourself into your favorite sex scene. You’ll feel like it’s you being penetrated by your favorite gorgeous hero!

4. Secret companion

Secret companion

Enjoy some extra adrenaline and arousal by reading your novel in public while wearing the vibrating panties. You can even visually pick someone you’re seeing to be part of your fantasy, just don’t let the orgasmic flush give you away.

3. Bootylicous


For a bestseller worthy orgasm, upgrade your fantasies with a vibrating butt plug. Enjoy being stimulated from all the angles!

2. Waterproof dream

Waterproof Dream

If you enjoy reading and fantasizing while taking a bath, a waterproof wand is your thing! Pretend it’s your hero’s skillful fingers caressing your C-spot and you may get too carried away to turn the page! Relax, add bubbles and have fun!

1. Pleasure bullet

Pleasure bullet

Easy to position in one place and easy to move around your body, this little bullet will give a major buzz to both men and women. It is perfect for the C-spot, for over and under the testicles stimulation and can even give your nipples some major loving.

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