9 Sexy Ideas
to Spice Up Your Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and while nature may be hibernating, our libidos are thriving. Add orgasms to your Christmas to-do list and SLEIGH the holidays with our smart and sexy tips.


Baby, it’s cold outside

The weather outside may be frightful, but you can get cozy and hot even without a fireplace. Share some body heat with your partner, light up the candles and give each other a sensual massage with flavored oils and a powerful wand massager. Maybe, just one attachment more?

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Jingle Bell Rock

Many Christmas parties ahead, huh? Those events may be boring - so turn them into an orgasmic blizzard. Get a remote control vibrator, give the controls to your plus one, and rock and jingle those bells!
P.S. Particularly fun on a dance floor.

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Here Cums Santa Claus

Santa comes to many different places - and so can you! Ride that kick of doing “it” somewhere you’re not supposed to - while shopping for gifts at the mall or at an office party. Remember to bring along a finger vibrator to make sure your quickie ends with fireworks.

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Pleasure finger

Under the mistletoe

Who said you should only kiss on the lips under the mistletoe? Share an orgasmic oral session and get creative while you’re down there. Use champagne, ice, mints, warming lube, brandy cream, and a gorgeous oral vibe to make those kisses last.

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12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, give your true love a dashing orgasm - and don’t stop there. Every time you get down to it, try a different position for a unique orgasm every single time and don’t forget position support to elevate the spirit. Five gold O’s - now you’re talking!

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Position stool

The naughty list

We know now that being on the naughty list is way more fun than staying nice. After all, bad boys and girls get to experience all the excitement of domination and power play, let alone the sweet sensation of being punished.

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Naughty lover kit

Unwrapping the gift

Remember the thrill of unwrapping presents? It’s even more exciting when the present is your beautiful and seductive body covered with the thin straps of lace. Pick out the most alluring bedroom look and turn a gift-unwrapping session into a hot striptease show.

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Love to play

All I want
for Christmas is you

Christmas is the perfect time for sharing the joy, and since you already share your heart with your special someone, why not share an orgasm? Pick a couple’s vibrator that will make him last longer and her burst into pleasure much faster. Make your wish come true - reach a simultaneous orgasm.

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Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Let your heart be light, let your pleasure be lit! This Christmas, quit worrying about everyone else and take care of yourself. Treat the most important person in your life - you, with a luxurious sex toy. Allow yourself some extra me-time this holiday season and have yourself a merry jolly orgasm (or few)!

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Seducer luxury rabbit

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