Top 20 uniquely different luxury toys

Thrusting, pulsating, oral love simulation — these unique toys with incredibly realistic performance and exceptional functions will blow your mind and deliver the most amazing stellar orgasms.


The orgasmic warm-up

The flexible ergonomic shaft of the Aurora massager warms your G-spot, radiating hot waves of delight and making your G-spot explode in a powerful climax.


Hands-free bliss

Eva guarantees clitoral Os during every couple’s session, in any position, any time. Tuck it under the labia and enjoy sweet and intense C-spot stimulation hands-free.


The oral perfection

OraLove vibes up the silky softness of your lips, sending vibrations to your partner’s most sensitive areas. Rock your lover’s world with mind-blowing oral pleasure!


The G-spirit

The two flexible arms of the Dryad can be fully inserted to press against the G and the P-spots, provoking super-orgasms. One silky silicone arm can be left outside for some gorgeous clit action.



An inflatable P-spot massager, Zenith creates a fantastic “fully stretched” experience with just a click of a button. Feel the bliss of the soft shaft expanding and enjoy P-spot orgasms on a larger scale.


The gentleman's finger

The special finger-like motion caresses your G-spot in a persistent yet gentle way. Find yourself submerged in explosive climaxes you thought can only happen in erotic novels.


Sweet thrill

Deeply satisfying rhythmic thrusts of the Thrill are a go-to feature for a G-spot orgasm. The sensations are so realistic you’ll have a hard time distinguishing them from the real thing.


Gentle tease

Unique Pleasure Air Technology guarantees multiple touch-free orgasms — so far, it’s the most life-like oral sex sensation a toy can offer.


Pulse rusher

Innovative orgasm-provoking oscillations of the PULSE are famous for providing enormous pleasure without a single stroke.


Orgasmic rim

Rotating beads in the base of the plug tease the nerve-rich rear end, creating a full illusion of rimming. With powerful vibrations over a rim job, your booty will have an assgasmic ride.


Your best masturPal

Programmable vibrating masturbator with sensual tongue-like paddles and an airlock feature for mind-blowing hands-free stimulation — men go wild about it!


The pure Bliss

While the clitoral brush attachment trembles, creating the feeling of sucking and licking, the shaft sends rumbly vibrations to your G-spot, sweeping you into the whirlpool of explosive Os.


The flexibliss

In any position, with any erogenous zone, solo or with a partner — the French connection offers an incredible variety of buzzed up fun on either side of the flexible cord.


The better Unity

Perfectly shaped to fit between two loving bodies, the toy provides him with orgasmic vibrations and her with steady G and C-spot stimulation. Simultaneous climaxes — check!


The 'Come-hither' seducer

The Sway’s ultra-realistic finger-like motion resembles the fingers of a skillful lover caressing your G-spot, mixing it with powerful vibrations throughout the shaft.


The P-erfect flexer

Ingeniously curved shaft squeezes during the insertion and expands slightly inside your butt, delivering extremely blissful pressure to the P-spot.


The queen of bliss

Innovative rumbly oscillations of the wide plate intensely stimulate several erogenous zones at once, pushing you to the orgasmic edge in mere minutes.


Orgasmic gasp

The sucking attachment gently engulfs the clitoris by air pressure, imitating the sensations of oral sex, while the main shaft emits orgasmic vibrations to the G-spot.


The G-spot explorer

The luxuriously textured shaft of the rabbit reaches deep and thrusts hard to stimulate the G-spot, while the elongated clitoral attachment caresses both the C-spot and the labia.


Atomic pleasure

Unlike other vibrating rings, the Atom Plus features two motors delivering vibrations to her clit and his perineum simultaneously.

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