6 Most Effective Ways to Intensify Your Pleasure
Tried and proven methods and accessories that will rock your world.
1. With Rabbit Vibes
Eden super intense rabbit
Rabbit vibrators made famous by Samantha from the Sex and the City. Providing simultaneous outer and inner stimulation these toys deliver powerful blended climaxes.
2. With Kegel Exercise >
Stronger pelvic floor muscles deliver more intense climaxes. Improve your pelvic muscle tone by using kegel exercisers and Ben wa balls.
Eden Silicone Balls
3. With G-spot Vibrators >
G4 tiger
The G-spot climax is characterized by deep waves of pleasure. If you never experienced one try G-spot vibrator that makes it easy to locate and stimulate your G-spot.
4. With Temperature Play >
Temperature change enhances the sensations. Experiment with cold or warm glass toys to feel the difference.
Pink Swirl G
5. With Vibrating Rings >
Dr. Laura Berman Minerva
Vibrating rings make wonders for couples. Giving him more stamina and delivering stimulating vibration to both partners it is a sure way to experience powerful simultaneous climaxes.
6. With Back End Toys >
The proven technique to enhance pleasure is to insert beads and pull them out right before you climax creating powerful sensations.
Anal pleaser

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