6 New Ways For Better Love Life

Eden Silicone Massager

Getting intimate in the shower or bath creates a novel twist to your love life. Lather on your favorite shower gel and enjoy touching and being touched. Small waterproof vibrator will add extra stimulation for delightful release.

2. New Sensations: Back End Play Beginner anal kit

If you haven't tried back-end toys, you're missing out on a world of new sensations. Back-end play can be an exciting and interesting experience for couples, full of new hot pleasure.

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3. New Stimalation G-Spot

Try to stimulate G-spot for deep, body shaking pleasure. You can do it easily with specially shaped toys.

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4 New Game: Kinky Play

Explore your Fifty Shades of Grey fantasy and discover your dominant and submissive sides. Blindfold or a pair of handcuffs is all you need to engage in this passionate adventure.

Wow clitoral arousal gel

Instead of pressing snooze waiting until the last possible second to get up and going, reach for your partner. Get some arousal lube for faster warm up.

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6. New Look: Sexy Lingerie

Seduce your partner with sexy lingerie. Find a perfect garment for any occasion or special night in.

Exposed cut out dress and g-string More Sexy Lingerie
Exposed cut out dress and g-string

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