8 Most Popular Places for Intimate Adventure

Where do people have sex when they want to bring their passion outside the bedroom? We asked our large EdenFantasys community, and here it is - the top 8 places to enjoy your sexy times.

8. Laundry room

Laundry Room

The washer on the spin cycle is almost like one big vibrator. If you’re into anal stimulation, a small butt plug will transfer the vibrations inside.

7. Tent


You are in a tiny space with very thin walls, so keep it simple. Use a small rechargeable travel vibrator to add extra pleasure.

6. Park


Use your picnic or a stroll through the park as an amazing foreplay opportunity. A remote controlled vibe will quickly get you ready for the main event.

5. Kitchen table

Kitchen table

Supporting a variety of angles, the kitchen table is a fantastic stage. It also allows excellent positioning for amazing oral sex.

4. In the woods

In the woods

Being so close to nature can be rejuvenating, just make sure there is no poison ivy around! Bring in Lover’s tongue for some overwhelmingly erotic plain-air.

3. Childhood bedroom

Childhood Bedroom

If you are not alone in the house you might want to keep it quiet. Use a vibrating ring which will provide intense stimulation without lots of pounding and thrusting.

2. In a car

In a car

Sex in the car can be tricky, but it’s always fun. For window-steaming hot action and to get things going fast - start with some warming lube. Enjoy the ride!

1. In the shower or bathtub

In the shower or bathtub

Take your time lathering and teasing each other. Add a powerful waterproof vibrator for mind-blowing orgasmic solo or couple’s time.