Having a fresh and exciting sex life, avoiding boredom and experiencing new sensations does not have to be hard work. Here are 7 brilliant solutions to meet your sexy expectations - and exceed them - all within an easy reach.

Having a sheet-grabbing orgasm

There are orgasms, and then there are mind-blowing, sheet-grabbing, intensely satisfying Orgasms. We want to have the best and wish you the same! With the pinpoint clitoral and G-spot stimulation, a rabbit vibe will give you all the incredible sensations you need to be thoroughly satisfied inside and out.

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Lasting all night

This might seem like mission impossible - but it is easier than you think with the help of a vibrating cock ring. Making a man last longer and teasing the sweet C-spot, it will transform your routine play into a sexy marathon full of passion, and help you cross the finish line together - again and again.

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Driving him wild

It's a fact - men love to watch their partner masturbate. Let him enjoy this intimate show and make it even hotter by bringing in a toy - a G-spot vibrator will make you feel like a star. This type of foreplay is bound to lead to some of the best sex you've ever had.

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Unleashing the naughty side

Everyone has secret desires and unrevealed sexual fantasies. Explore yours and reveal your naughty side by bringing an element of bondage play into the bedroom. A blindfold will give you even more pleasure by heightening all other senses and turning your regular lovemaking into a thrilling orgasmic experience.

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Setting sensual mood for the day

Multiple studies have shown that people who engage in morning sex are usually happier, and enjoy better health. Spice up your morning sessions with a teasing finger vibe to reach a breathtaking climax and enjoy its fantastic afterglow throughout the day.

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Experiencing new sensations

According to some studies, almost 30% of women can experience nipplegasm - and using nipple toys can really improve your chances of becoming one of them. For the maximum effect include nipple clamps in your bedroom play, the fabulous tickling sensations you will get will send you to the land of absolute pleasure.

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Reinventing intimacy

Simultaneous orgasm, that elusive ultimate sexpectation, has never been as feasible as it is now with the help of ergonomically designed couples toys. Take your game to a whole new level with Unity - a small yet powerful C-Shape vibe that won't get in the way but will make sex magnificent with a Big Bang ending we all crave - coming together in a blissful orgasm.

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