Smart Tips To Last Longer In Bed And Have Sex All Night

Sex maraton is such an adventure each of us has to embark on at least once in a lifetime. Orgasming at the limit of your human abilities is quite an experience - but here are some witty tips you can follow to make your all-nighter a winning race instead of an exhausting crawl.

Enjoy Yourself


Ready for multiple orgasms, one after another? Practice makes perfect, and to achieve the most stellar sensations, you should learn how to delay the climax. Mastering the practice of edging during regular masturbation will drastically improve your sex stamina, allowing you to last longer in bed, turning you from a sex sprinter to an orgasm marathon runner.

Bet on Solo to train you well. Its unique technology uses oscillations instead of vibrations, bringing state-of-the-art pleasure.

Hot Octopuss pulse III solo vibrating masturbator
Hot Octopuss pulse III solo vibrating masturbator

Arrange A Snack Break

Since you are planning an all-night race, nourish yourself for energy and endurance between sessions. Stock up on nuts, fresh fruits, and chocolate - they’ll rev up your engines to last all night, infusing you without weighing you down.


Go Easy On
The Booze

While a couple of drinks can relax and get you going, and even boost your sexual stamina, too much can lead to the dreaded brewers droop, which is contrary to what you want.


Stay Hydrated

Quench your thirst for hours ahead. Trying to have sex all night without a sip will lead to dehydration, dizziness and weak long before the morning comes. Take care of that by setting a bottle of water within you reach for a quick sip.

Change Angles And Carry On


A proven method to last longer in bed, or at least make the "run" the most exciting you’ve ever had, is to change up your sex positions, speed and manners of stimulation. Use our position ideas as inspiration to get the maximum pleasure for both of you.

“Spooning.” Pick this elegant ergonomic C-shaped vibrator to fit between your loving bodies in spooning position. Play around with remote controlled vibrations, postponing his climax and speeding up hers.

Unity 2
Unity 2

Grab The Props

Your fantasy is the limit during a sex marathon. You can’t be “inside” 100% of the time and last forever. So raid the sex toy box, play with vibrators, kinky implements, and accessories, or whatever else you fancy, and dive into the foreplay ecstasy. It will definitely push thing up and help you keep the fire burning for some fabulous sex all night.

Bet on this fabulous restraint set to experience the creme de la creme of bondage, playing control games and teasing each other until someone begs for it.

Soft touch set
Soft touch set

Shift Scenes

Every corner of your house may become a perfect naughty site for your all-nighter. Take an opportunity to catch a breath and explore the durability of the kitchen table, or the washing machine (bonus points if it’s working), or even the living room floor.


Take Breaks

It would be a bummer to burn out on the 20th minute. A quick recess between activities will help you to regain control for tender love play and better performance, allowing you to have sex all night, sex all day.

Lube, Lube And More Lube


Such a march takes its toll on the body’s resources, resulting in dryness and heat from friction. To keep things moving smoothly and last longer in bed, invest in a good lube in a big quantity.

Arm up with water-based lubricants if you plan on using sex toys - silicone-based lubes may harm the material.

EdenFantasys personal lubricant
EdenFantasys personal lubricant

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