9 Tips For Having Multiple Orgasms... Finally

9 Tips For Having Multiple Orgasms

We’ve all heard whispers and rumors, but actually having multiple orgasms? Believe it or not, they are very much possible! EF sexperts are here to reassure us all that multiple orgasms really do exist and, even better, that we can all have them!

1. Changing positions

Changing positions

Some positions, like doggy style, allow for better G and A-spot stimulation and deeper penetration. Have multiple orgasms using C-shaped vibrator for intense C and G spots stimulation, while the head of his penis can reach and strike your A-Spot.

2. There is more than one way

There is more than one way

Take turns on all the sweet spots by switching between clitoral, G-spot, nipple and anal stimulation. By exploring all your pleasure zones, you’ll be able to build higher levels of arousal and sustain pleasure over time.

3. Vary stimulation type

Vary stimulation type

Skyrocket your chances by taking advantage of toys with the most seductive functions: Rotating shafts, Sucking, Pulsation or find a toy that combines them.

4. Slow Him Down

Slow Him Down

With continued stimulation and arousal, a woman has the power to continue enjoying orgasms without limitations. Use a vibrating ring with your partner to slow him down and give yourself enough time to orgasm twice and more.

5. Do your Kegels

Do your Kegels

Both men and women can do Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and increase the blood flow in the area, making you more sensitive to stimulation. Do your Kegels, improve your sexual performance and help bring on the multiple orgasms!

6. Healthy P-spot matters

Healthy P-spot matters

Healthy stamina allows you to recover faster after the first climax and to continue to achieve more. Practice P-spot massage, a very pleasurable way to keep your men power healthy.

7. Lubrication is the key

Lubrication is the key

Orgasms can be tricky and are usually easier when we feel relaxed and our mind can be totally in the moment. Have a lubricant ready, if you are in the mood for prolonged sexual stimulation, so you can keep going even when your natural juices are not catching up.

8.Control Yourself

Control Yourself

Wearing rings on testicles makes ejaculating harder and can help to have multiple orgasms without the "reload".

9. Exciting Breakthrough

Control Yourself

Weak electric impulses trick the nervous system into experiencing delightful mini orgasms over and over again, making your multiple orgasm dream come true.

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