8 Hot Tips for Mutual Self-loving

8 Hot Tips for Mutual Self-loving

Masturbation is a very intimate and usually a private act, so sharing it with your partner can be a sign of ultimate trust and the most arousing voyeuristic experience ever. Watching your partner masturbate can also improve your sex life by helping to discover what your lover likes.

1. Relax

Relaxed body and mind are the key to the successful getting off session. Take a sensual bath together and bring with you a waterproof massager to help you get in the mood.

2. Lubrication is Essential

A drop of lube can make all the difference. Lube makes everything sleeker and smoother, speeds up the arousal, and ensures safer gliding.

3. Warm up

Foreplay is as important as ever, especially for the lady. Try gentle sucking vibrations of the Womanizer, before moving to more exciting stimulation.

4. Take control

Make it even more fun by using remote control toys. Let your partner use it on their body while you control the intensity and speed of the vibrations.

5. Play With Her

Using a vibrator on your partner allows you to explore her preferences, while she indulges into your sensual caress.

6. Play with him

Arm up with a stroker and give him the best hand job ever. A toy with a built in vibrator delivers extra sensations through gentle buzz.

7. Take Turns

One of the best things about masturbating in front of your partner is the lesson you learn on how to turns each other on. One suggestion is to take turns using a wand massager and its attachments, learning each other’s moves and then using the wand on each other for mutual satisfaction.

8. Come together

Get to the delicious edge and come together in a mind-blowing explosion. A ravenous rabbit makes her arousal easier and faster.

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