Say No To Boring Sex

If you ever thought that a less-than-thrilling roll in the hay is beyond saving, and you just needed to get through it without falling asleep, think again. It’s always possible to learn few new tricks to fire up your sex life. Here are some ideas you can try.

1. Make eye contact

1. Make Eye Contact

Face-to-face positions like Lotus deepen your emotional connection and amplify your arousal by letting you gaze into each other’s eyes. Add a #1 couple’s vibe for hands free buzzz and feel the pleasure meter go through the roof.

2. Play “Tease and Wait”

2. Play 'Tease and Wait'

This technique is able to make an orgasm as powerful as a supernova explosion.
Tie down your partner and tease his most erogenous zones until he is almost at the pick and stop. Repeat this delicate balancing act few times and you’ll make the orgasm so wanted, that when you finally let him come, his pleasure will be immense.

3. Outside the bedroom

3. Outside the bedroom

Taking your sex play outside of your bedroom is fun! Explore other surfaces in your home as every new sexual experience can make your passion sizzling hot. Boost your senses even more by adding a vibrating cock ring and melt together in a mind-blowing orgasm.

4. Amp up your senses

4. Amp Up Your Senses

Cutting out one of the senses can enhance the others. Blindfold your partner and your every touch will feel even more potent. Fire up his imagination beforehand by giving him an image to hold on to – you in a little sexy piece, ready to pleasure him.

5. Mix it up

5. Mix it up

Having different types of sex can give you different orgasms and will help you to avoid the rut. So mix it up with quickies, animal passion, rough and vanilla sex. A multi-range vibrations wand massager works great with any sex style and delivers dependable, amazing orgasms time and time again.

6. Slip and slide

6. Slip and Slide

Never underestimate what lube can do for you. Not only meant to relieve dryness, it can also lead to hot slippery sex by reducing friction for a lot more gliding and stimulating. Turn the its application into a sexy massage for your nether region and feel the desire burning before you can even say “take me”.

7. Give it a break

7. Give it a break

Sometimes, all you need to rekindle your passion is a day apart. Try spending a weekend separately and it might just be enough to make the flame of your desire burn even hotter.
Keep the juices flowing with some solo play and use one of the discreet travel friendly toys.

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