10 Ways to Sex Up Your Spring

1. Make more me time

Make more me time

Overcome the constant urge of caring about others and take some time just for yourself. You surely deserve full relaxation and toe-curling blended orgasms in a total "bliss."

2. Be spontaneous

Be spontaneous

How often does it happen that you are in a playful mood, but there is nothing at hand to satisfy the lust? To avoid the disappointment, always bring a super powerful pocket rocket along, just in case you get "thirsty."

3. Play more

Play more

Foreplay doesn’t have to start 20 minutes before the main act. It can begin hours in advance! Keeping each other longing and teasing is the best way for building up passion, especially if you can add a remote controlled toy to the mix and make your partner tremble with desire with a push of a button.

4. Try new fantasies

Try new fantasies

If there is one thing that ignites the spark of senses creating an overwhelming flame — it is fetish play. Even if your sexual practice is typically gentle and "vanilla," a pinch of kink with this starter fetish kit will awaken a desire you never knew was there.

5. Enhance your oral play

Enhance your oral play

Boys love their toys! Guess what? Girls love their toys too! Being able to just lay back, relax and let the toy do its magic is what the progress is all about. A powerful masturbating sleeve for him and an oral imitator for her are champions in the solo loving field.

6. Get fit

Get fit

Being in control of your pleasure is an empowering feeling. Training your pelvic floor muscles with weighted kegel balls will give you strength to burst into the more intense climax in almost no time.

7. Be closer to nature

Be closer to nature

Finding your unique connection to natural sensations is better to try out in the wild. Plan a little getaway and don’t forget a rechargeable vibe — the epitome of natural and eco-friendly pleasure.

8. Feel desired

Feel desired

Dressing up always leads to confidence boost, but dressing up sexy makes you feel like a sex bomb you are. Provoke some "hungry eyes" in your lover with a seductive lingerie set. Explore our foolproof guide to choosing lingerie for inspiration.

9. Be romantic

Feel desired

Concentrating on your personal pleasure is normal and healthy, but sharing the orgasmic experiences with someone dear is a special treat. Channel your shared passion into one bursting simultaneous climax with a C-shaped couples’ toy.

10. Add more colors

Add more colors

Even in the grayest of days, look for a splash of color and a fresh feel. Fabulous internal stimulation, a blast of a G-spot orgasm, and the bright colors of pleasure you need in life — all in one artsy toy.