Best Anal Sex Toys For BUM-tastic Sensations

What if we told you that it’s you who decides if anal sex is euphoric or not in the first place? The truth is that picking a good anal vibrator or anal dildo guarantees it will feel good sometimes, fantastic other times - but never "so-so". Here is the list of 10 best anal toys that earned their reputation as true ASSgasmic gizmos that will make you fall in love with anal sex.


Adventure Trio

The biggest underwater rock that anal beginners stumble on is the wrong size of their first anal toy. The best you can do when picking the first one for your collection is to get a kit with anal plugs of various sizes. The Booty Explorer kit includes 3 silky smooth silicone plugs which vary from tiniest to biggest so that you can elevate the experience one step at a time. As a great bonus for those who want extra sensations, there's a strong suction cup base that you can stick to any smooth surface and enjoy hot riding. Whether you are a beginner or experienced player - this anal set guarantees new orgasmic heights.

Whether you are an experienced anal toy user or a beginner, this toy will work for you.


P-spot Wizard

This enticing massager proves that wonders do exist! At least, the one trick this toy is guaranteed to perform is how unbelievably fast it finds and stimulates your P-spot. The secret lays in the ideally beaded shape and a slightly curved tip of the vibe which rests right against the P-spot and buzzes you to heaven. Add amazing vibration and pulsation patterns to this mix and you get a perfect toy to start your passionate experiments.

It's a fantastic toy with many great features, and we'd recommend it to anyone who wants to try this kind of stimulation.


Climax Intensifier

The silky smooth texture and graduated design of the balls for these silicone beads make them the perfect choice for beginners. Pulling the beads out in the moment of climax will get you an extra jolt of pleasure and absolute safety due to the unique handle of the toy. If you are an advanced anal play connoisseur, we still recommend these beads - you just cannot go wrong with this all-time classic anal sex toy.

The possibilities with a versatile toy like this are endless. Let your imagination run wild, and considering dropping a couple dollars for this toy.


Power Rocket

With its promising wide girth, the advanced anal vibrator will always meet your orgasmic expectations. A thicker base is an unsurpassed tool for sphincter stimulation and is great if you want to prepare your butthole for gaping, while each of fantastic vibration patterns will effortlessly rocket you to an O in mere minutes.

It truly has endless uses. We used it for double penetration play, and she loved every second of it.


Pleasure Extender

What could a man dream about while enjoying the magnificent P-spot stimulation? Whatever he desires, this vibrating anal plug combined with a cock ring allows even the most demanding user to relish profound satisfaction and get multilayered fresh sensations. While the plug thoroughly massages his P-spot from the inside, he can astonish his partner with perfect stamina thanks to the cock ring on the shaft - what more to wish for?

I have a few toys for anal play, and this one is perfect. Just the right size to experience pleasure without discomfort or pain.


Glass Fantasy

Both ends of this gorgeous beaded anal probe are easy to maneuver for precise stimulation of even the most hard-to-reach inner spots. Because it’s glass, you can use warm it up or cool it down for thrilling temperature play, or enjoy the ball’s delightful smoothness during water escapades.

I love this toy! It is the best anal toy I have ever used. It's easy to clean and easier to use! I want all of my anal toys to be glass from now on!


Double Satisfier

If hot double penetration fantasies pierce your mind, this mighty cock ring is all you need to make them come true. Combined with a realistic anal dildo and a vibrating clitoral attachment, this penis ring transforms you into a restless sex machine, spurring her G-, C- and anal spots at the same time and provoking her to experience the explosive blended orgasms.

If you're looking for a toy to try double penetration, this is perfect for you. It's great for beginners to advanced users and is sure to give you the good time you're craving.


E-stim Indulgence

A combo of two very exciting worlds - electro-stimulation and anal pleasure, Elektra butt plug with its neat design is the best companion you could ever choose for your first E-stim ASSperiments. Slim, easy to use and offering a safe system, it is a must-try for everyone who is looking for adding the spark to their sensations.

The vibrator aspect of the plug works fantastically.It is a fun adventure to take for those who enjoy various types of anal stimulation.


Gender Bender

Primarily designed for pegging your partner, ergonomic design of Nana vibrator makes it easy to hold the toy with her vaginal muscles while the receiver is getting much pleasure due to the textured design of the dong. Thanks to the powerful motor, dynamic vibrations evenly spread throughout the toy giving both partners a great stimulation. To bring your hands-free pegging session to a new level, grab the remote control and create your own orgasmic patterns with 9 vigorous vibration modes at your disposal.

The intensity of the vibrations is enough to please even a veteran with sex toys.


Triple Delight

To taste the best of 3 worlds, surrender to the triple power of this waterproof rabbit. Though this playful bunny may seem small, you will feel its might as soon as you switch it on and insert it. While the clitoral attachment is teasing your clit, the shaft with rotating beads is pleasing your G-spot, and the beaded anal vibrator attachment fills your booty, try not to lose count of blended orgasms.

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