Get the Look


DO: Show off your wit by picking a smart pop culture reference for your costume inspiration and put a sexy twist on it. Remember - a pair of stockings will make any costume “naughty”.

DON'T: Wear a pumpkin on your head, especially if you're feeling orally amorous.

DO: Channel the vibes of a gorgeous vampire queen who never sucks the blood of commoners. Keep up the act, and keep your royal secret - a little clitoral sucker of your own.

DON'T: Fall for a mummy outfit, dive deep into gauze and forget to include a zipper.


DO: Make your move in your best suit with a superhero T-shirt underneath - be the hero in disguise she’d always dreamed of. Bring a cock ring along to tap into your superpower when the time comes.

DON'T: Make your move in a rubber Godzilla costume.

DO: Tip your hat and smolder in your best rodeo cowboy get up. Pump up the charm of a bad boy with a leather flogger - just in case someone will misbehave.

DON'T: Honk your rodeo clown nose.

Set the Scene

DO: Make your bedroom look like a sorcerer’s lair by lighting candles and putting out love potions. Edible and fragrant, of course, so you could use them after you put a spell on your partner.

DON'T: Create a pit of snakes around your bed.

Position Play

DO: Get it on vampire way - sucking, or howl to the moon in doggy - ahem - werewolf style. Draw inspiration from our Position Guide and bring along a couple’s toy to share the magic moment.

DON'T: Protect yourself from your partner’s bloodlust by eating copious amounts of garlic.

DO: Explore the mystical powers of the night and strike advanced and super orgasmic sex positions you could never hit before. Use position support to subdue the forces of darkness.

DON'T: Rely exclusively on the dark magic to hit complicated sex positions.

Play Games

DO: Try playing daring sexy games, like performing a sacred ritual of sensory deprivation on your partner with a soft blindfold and a seductive bondage set. You are sure to summon an orgasm for both of you.

DON'T: Lose the handcuff key.